- Posts 2022-05-17T13:35:06-04:00 2022-05-17T13:35:06-04:00 2022-05-17T13:36:15-04:00 50 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2022 basicshoe Team Welcome, summer! Are you ready for your most adventurous, fun summer no matter the pandemic and lockdowns? ...


Here are summer bucket list ideas for you to accomplish this year:


  1. Have a backyard party with your family. If you can’t invite all your friends this year, have drinks and food with your closest family without staring at TV and computer screens.
  2. Visit a place you have never been to before. I know we can’t travel much this summer, but you can still find a new destination and travel safely. 
  3. Have breakfast with friends or a breakfast date with your significant other.
  4. Spend the day outdoors, hiking a local trail, and go hammocking.
  5. Read a new book. 
  6. Have a bonfire – and don’t forget s’mores!
  7. Be a tourist in your own city.
  8. Go out on a river and kayak/canoe or just go swimming.
  9. Go on a bike ride around the city.
  10. Go to a garage sale.
  11. Fly a kite on the beach.
  12. Go to an outdoor concert (or zoom to an online concert? Is that a thing yet/still?).
  13. Bake a cheesecake.
  14. Build a sandcastle.
  15. Stargaze.
  16. Go to a water park.
  17. Go to a wine tasting. 
  18. Feed the birds in a square or in a park.
  19. Watch fireworks on the 4th of July.
  20. Have a picnic.
  21. Visit an aquarium.
  22. Go strawberry picking. 
  23. Watch the sunset.
  24. Go on a road trip with friends or family.
  25. Grill outside or go to a BBQ.
  26. Try paddleboarding or kayaking.
  27. Make Sangria.
  28. Volunteer somewhere. Find a cause that you are passionate about and contribute to it.
  29. Go to a museum. Art, history, or science – learn something new. There are many virtual museum experiences as well. 
  30. Eat watermelon and all the other fruit you can find. 
  31. Go to a farmer’s market and get local fruit and veggies.
  32. Grow a plant yourself – buy some planters for your balcony or grow them in your backyard.
  33. Explore a new restaurant in your city.
  34. Call and spend time with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  35. Visit a zoo.
  36. Find a swimsuit that you love.
  37. Learn to make kombucha yourself.
  38. Watch a drive-in movie – have you ever been to one?
  39. Make a surprise visit to your parents.
  40. Start learning a new language.
  41. Learn a new skill – something you’ve been interested in for a while. I will be practicing piano a lot the summer, but it could be anything – tap dancing, piano, woodworking, pottery. Tell me yours in the comments below!
  42. Engage in a new culture at a street festival – try new food, meet new people, and learn more about a life that’s different from our own!
  43. Have a movie marathon.
  44. Ride in a hot air balloon – there are quite a few hot air balloon festivals out there!
  45. Go a full day without the Internet or TV.
  46. Go backpacking with a friend.
  47. Make homemade ice cream.
  48. Make fresh lemonade.
  49. Get out of the city for a weekend, rent a cabin, or go camping.
  50. Make your own bucket list! Use this list to compile your own!


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]]> 2022-04-27T11:16:34-04:00 2022-04-27T11:16:35-04:00 May Day Celebration basicshoe Team May Day is a public holiday celebrated on May 1 in many different cultures around the world. It is a day of unity, togetherness, and rebirth; a day for everyone to come together and celebrate life as we know it!


Throughout the years and decades, there have been different meanings, festivities, and representations of May Day. The meaning of seasonal change has been the most significant one amongst different countries.

As time went on, different cultures created their own traditions in alignment with their beliefs. Europeans and Americans celebrate May Day with flower crowns, maypole dancing, and by making flower baskets to share with loved ones. In Hawaii, May Day is known as “Lei Day”, a celebration of the aloha spirit and the giving of the flower. What a better way to celebrate than with the people you love!


May Day is marked with rich celebrations of culture and folklore throughout history, welcoming the return of spring! There are many fun traditions that have persisted over time, like creating delightful little baskets with sweets and flowers. These baskets were sometimes left on the doorsteps of unsuspecting neighbors, with the sender yelling ‘May basket!’ and dashing from the scene.  

Celebrating spring also includes singing and dancing around a maypole, mostly at schools. This tradition is still alive in some schools, and children decorate the pole with colorful ribbons and other items. Spring flowers are picked and gifted to loved ones, and although all these traditions have become lesser-known today, they are still cherished and enjoyed by many.



It has made a huge impact today

Today, May Day is very popular! It is known as an official holiday in 66 countries and unofficially celebrated in more countries.

It’s connected to astronomy

May 1 is one of the four cross-quartered days, midday between an equinox and solstice. What a time to celebrate!

It has a different name in Hawaii

May Day is known as Lei Day in Hawaii. It’s a celebration of the aloha spirit and giving of the flower.

Roman festivals

May Day is connected to the festival of Floralia to honor spring. Floralia was the goddess of springtime in Rome.

The meaning of “Mayday” is different from its origin

“Mayday!” comes from the French phrase, M’aidez!, which means “Help me!.”



It’s a significant time of the seasons changing

May 1, as well as the entire month, is a time of flowers blooming, trees returning to life, birds singing, and animals coming out of hibernation. Nature becomes beautiful again!

It promotes unity

How can you have May Day without unity and togetherness? People all over the world celebrate May Day through singing, dancing, flowers, baskets and other traditions. Regardless of race and culture, people come together as one in celebration.

International Workers’ Day

In May 1886, a national strike was organized in the United States to promote an eight hour work day for citizens. A protest in Chicago’s Haymarket Square turned violent and to pay tribute to those involved, the International Socialist Conference made May 1 also known as International Workers’ Day.



Maypole Dance, dance away!

Celts used to dance around trees with bright ribbons as a way to welcome in good crops and fertility. Today, schools celebrate the Maypole Dance through spring festivals.

Make a May basket

Through the 19th and 20th century, people would leave a paper basket with spring flowers and treats on their neighbor’s doorsteps. The tradition was to knock on the door, yell “May basket!,” and then run.

Gather flowers

On May Day, people in Britain welcome spring by getting flowering trees for their homes. This symbolizes the return of spring.


Credit to National Today website.

]]> 2022-04-04T12:47:57-04:00 2022-04-04T12:49:08-04:00 5 Things To Do When You Spend Easter At The Beach Or Pool basicshoe Team If you are looking for a great way to spend Easter, then head to the beach! ...


If you are looking for a great way to spend Easter, then head to the beach! The fun and excitement are non-stop and family-friendly. If proximity permits, a day trip or weekend getaway give you time for exploring. And there’s also the likelihood that you’ll make new friends with people who share your interests.

Here are five fun ideas to celebrate Easter at the beach:

1. Hang out at the beach or pool

This sounds pretty simplistic, but there’s so much to do around the water - swim, surf, play games inside or outside the water. Playing sports along the ocean always is a big hit, build sand sculptures, fly a kite, bury your friends in the sand…be creative.

2. Hunt for Easter eggs

Go for the challenge of the hunt: Hide eggs in the sand, dunes, and beach walkways. The Easter Bunny visits the beach, too.  It’s always a good idea to make sure each child finds at least one egg, though.

3. Spend time with your family

A beach trip is about family and friends. Carve out quality time to relax on the deck or balcony and be together. Or go for an evening or morning walk looking for seashells. Start your morning together watching the sun come up. There are plenty of ways to share the beauty and peacefulness of the beach environment - these are the moments that create memories.

4. Surf

Be adventurous: Head out to the waves and try surfing. It is a great way to release stress and get exercise. Plus, it will be something you never forget. Lessons can be found throughout the beach, and other watersports are available like jet skis, banana boat rides and parasailing.

5. Celebrate through sunrise services

Sunday church services are a staple of the Easter festivities for many. Sunrise services often can be found right on the beach. Check the Internet or ask a local for suggestions.

Make this Easter a North Myrtle Beach celebration. Feel the warmth of the sun, feel the sweet ocean breeze, and be captivated by the bright fire colors of breath-taking beach sunsets. Now is the time to fill your Easter (basket) with life-long memories.


Credit to North Myrtle Beach Vacations website.

]]> 2022-03-10T12:43:29-05:00 2022-03-10T12:43:29-05:00 10 Incredible Spring Break Destinations for 2022 basicshoe Team From classic beach vacations across the US and Caribbean to the best National Parks in the US for kids, or international spring break destinations, choose the one that suits your family best and have the best vacation ever!


1. Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park is a perfect West Coast spring break destination in the United States to visit for families who love to spend time in the outdoors and hone in on their sense of adventure. In the spring months, Yosemite begins to come alive. Spring flowers, wildlife, and people start bursting to life inside the park after the winter months.

Families come from all over the world to see the tall granite walls in Yosemite Valley and hike some of the best hiking trails in Yosemite. You could spend an entire week in Yosemite National Park and still only barely scratch the surface of everything it has to offer.

2. Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico is a charming destination perfect for a spring break vacation for families. Whether it be the beautiful beaches or ample greenery, this welcoming country has lots to offer.

If you want to keep it simple, opt for an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. Otherwise, spend a few days in Merida, a charming old town with colorful architecture and cobble-stone roads. Make sure to save some time for Chichen Itza, the famous Mayan ruin. Afterward, head to Bacalar, where the blue lagoon and laid-back vibes will surely capture your heart. If you’ve some extra time, make a stop in Tulum and visit the many restaurants that line the streets.

There are also plenty of sinkholes and parks that should not be missed when in the Yucatan region, which is perfect for an exciting Spring Break with kids!

3. Florida Keys, USA

Florida Keys, an archipelago of islands off South coast of Florida are a perfect Spring break destination for families and one of the best places to visit in the US. The sunshine state won’t let you down with beautiful tropical weather throughout the year.
The drive through the Florida Keys on Overseas Highway is a must with the ocean giving you company all through and some breathtaking views. There is so much to do from white beaches, Coral reef, water sports, parasailing, snorkeling, history that you will be amazed.

Start your journey from the first island, Key Largo, the largest among all. The island is home to the first underwater Park in the US, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park which is best to explore the magical aquatic world.

Choose from Glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling or scuba diving, you will be spell bound seeing the fishes and the coral under the water. With water all around you, how can you miss the adventure of water sports. Zoom around in a jet ski or soar the skies with parasailing, you will love it.

Drive all the way to the last island, Key West, the most populous and popular island. There is so much history and culture associated that is prevalent from its mansions and architecture of the Old Town. Sit down at the Mallory Square in the evening to let the magic unfurl during the sunset. Or take a sunset cruise to enjoy spectacular views while sipping the wine. Don’t forget to visit the southernmost point of US Buoy in Key west.

4. Grand Canyon

With its Junior Ranger Program, white-water rafting and hikes for visitors at all skill levels, the Grand Canyon National Park is a kid-friendly getaway that the whole family will enjoy. And Spring Break is the perfect time to make this iconic road trip and avoid the notorious Arizona heat.

The South Rim has free shuttle busses, a grocery store, bank and post office that makes a longer stay hassle-free. Besides the spectacular nature that’s easily accessible from an array of scenic overlooks, there are also trails great for bicycle rides, camping, stargazing and white-water rafting for older children.

There are plenty of picnic areas and fields to take a break or have a game of frisbee. There are also hotels that offer spectacular views – and options ranging from fine dining to cozy spots for hot chocolate by a campfire.

With Route 66, Sedona and Las Vegas all just a day trip away, the Grand Canyon National Park is also a perfect starting point for an epic family road trip.

5. Fort Worth, Texas

The temperatures are usually milder and there are plenty of things to do indoors even if it is a little chilly. Plus, you can visit Dallas which is only 30 miles away. Fort Worth is famous for its BBQ, Stockyards and Rodeo but it also has an amazing culture scene!

You can visit world-class museums like The Modern Art Museum, Kimbell Art Museum, and experience culture at the Fort Worth Opera and Casa Manana. If you have kids that are sports fans you might want to visit the Cowboys stadium in Arlington or catch a Rangers baseball game at the Globe Life Park.

Don’t miss visiting the Fort Worth Stock Yards for a truly Western Experience. You can see real Texas cowhands drive a herd of Texas longhorns down East Exchange twice a day. Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards has a Rodeo show every Friday and Saturday.

Fort Worth also has a wonderful zoo but my favorite place to visit is the Japanese Gardens inside the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It is such a hidden gem, usually, in March the cherry blossoms start to bloom and it is a great place to stop for an afternoon.

Besides, if you’re you on the hunt for a sunny, sandy spring break location, head down to one of the many islands in Texas for a spring break that will trump most others.

6. Akumal, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Akumal, on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is a fabulous choice for a family Spring Break. With accommodation for all tastes, ranging from independent boutiques to all-inclusives, Akumal works both as a vacation destination in its own right and as a base to explore the area’s highlights. Whilst in Akumal check out the ruins of Tulum, the eco water park of Xel-Ha and the wider Yucatan peninsula.

7. Naples, Florida

If you are looking for the ultimate beach Spring vacation idea for families then head to Naples, Florida. There are so many great things to do in Naples, Florida for the entire family!

Naples has wonderful beaches where you can enjoy water sports, beach activities, beach walks or simply relax and take in all that Florida sunshine. There are so many great day trips from Naples, Florida. If you enjoy being on the water then head out on a Naples Bay boat tour. It is a great way to see Naples from the water. You can even head out on your own private boat fishing trip. You can also paddleboard through the mangroves.

If you’re traveling to Florida with your family, check out the top things to do in Destin with kids.

8. Washington DC

Washington DC is a perfect Spring Break destination for families, full of free and interesting places to visit and kid-friendly activities. Early April timing usually coincides with DC’s famous cherry blossoms and the city is full of colorful blooms. Spring weather is not too hot or cold, so it’s ideal for outdoor walks through DC’s many memorials and gardens.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building are all great family photo spots, but it is a long walk between buildings so don’t try to cover them all in one day.

9. Maui, Hawaii

Whether you’re looking for an active or relaxing family vacation, there’s no better family spring break destination than Maui. The island’s palm-fringed golden beaches are renowned but there’s actually much more to discover on the Valley Isle.

Little explorers will love watching the sunrise from the top of the Haleakala volcano, an experience which takes place at a comfortable time in February and March.

10. Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama is all too often bypassed in favor of nearby New Orleans, but in many ways, it offers many of the same things as its more famous neighbor, only in a more family-friendly package. While Mobile is now part of Alabama, it was originally the capital of French Louisiana. Thus, with its wrought-iron balconies and other French-inspired architecture, Mobile is kind of a miniature version of New Orleans. The city even has its own Mardi Gras celebrations, which are much less raucous than the booze-fueled parties in New Orleans.


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]]> 2022-02-09T15:01:15-05:00 2022-02-18T12:51:09-05:00 8 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations by the Beach basicshoe Team Valentine’s Day is just around the corner... Is this the year that you’ll do something special to celebrate it


It’s easy to make a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant or pick up some roses on your way home from work. But how about planning a spontaneous and romantic trip to surprise the one you love instead? Since staying by the water adds a sense of magic to any vacation, here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day escapes near the water that are perfect for a couple’s getaway.

The Westin Playa Bonita - Panama City, Panama

You’ll be just a few minutes from Panama City but feel like you’re in a tropical oasis when you book a Valentine’s Day escape to the Westin Playa Bonita. This is a great pick for couples who want a blend of adventure and relaxation since there are customizable excursions offered here, as well as a mile-long stretch of private coastline along the Pacific. Onsite you’ll find the Sensory Spa by Clarins, oceanfront infinity pools, and beautiful views from the rooms and suites. While you’re in the area, make sure to wander around the streets of Casco Viejo, see the Panama Canal, and visit the indigenous Embera Village.

Baoase Luxury Resort - Willemstad, Curacao

Another great resort for Valentine’s Day is the Baoase Luxury Resort in Willemstad, Curacao. On the south side of the island, this romantic Caribbean resort is located between the capital of Willemstad and the Curacao Sea Aquarium and Mambo Beach. Here you’ll be overlooking the Caribbean Sea, have access to private beach butlers, and enjoy a relaxing Asian-inspired atmosphere that’s perfect for lovebirds. Private plunge pools are available for couples, and there’s lots to see outside the resort too out on the island of Curacao. Top picks in the area include taking a day trip to the island of Klein Curacao, listening to live music in Pietermaai, and trying all the delicious local foods.

Marriott Stanton South Beach - Miami Beach, Florida

You don’t even need to pack your passport or leave the country for an epic Valentine’s Day trip. The Marriott Stanton South Beach in Miami Beach offers direct beach access from Ocean Drive and has stylish rooms to give you that beach club chic vibe you crave. You’ll be in the South of Fifth neighborhood when you stay here, which is perfect for accessing the ocean and nearby park. The Marriott offers complimentary bike rentals, couple’s massages at the spa, and Japanese specialties at the Azabu Miami Beach restaurant.

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa - Mexico

Another Marriott worth checking out this February 14th is Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. This is a beachfront escape that also offers lovely mountain views and lots of cultural infusion. You might even see some hunchback whales in the ocean here! It’s also near Vallarta Undersea, Playa de Oro, and Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport. Couples can enjoy a nice dinner at the onsite restaurant, Las Casitas, swim up to the pool bar for cocktails, and even explore hidden beaches nearby. Malecon is nearby to soak up the local culture, and you can also get active on the water with kayaking and snorkeling. To relax with the one you love, book a treatment at the Ohtli Spa or try the hot and cold plunges to invigorate your senses.

Lido Beach Resort - Sarasota, Florida

Another highly recommended Florida resort by the water for Valentine’s Day is the Lido Beach Resort just off the coast of Sarasota and on the barrier island of Lido Key. It’s one of the best beach hotels in Florida, and an ideal place to come to relax and simply enjoy the sunset. Work on your tan and sip piña coladas as you soak up the sun or enjoy a picnic. There’s a fun Tiki Bar for cocktails to mix and mingle with other celebrating couples here as well.

El Mangroove, Autograph Collection – Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in no short supply or romantic getaways by the water either, and one of our favorites is El Mangroove. Here you’ll find tropical forests with virgin mangroves in the Gulf of Papagayo. This is a boutique hotel that has a bohemian vibe and celebrates indigenous life and ultimate privacy. Come here for an infinity pool, private cabanas, outdoor bungalows, and fun in-room hammocks. If you’re inspired to get out of the hotel, you can hop on a boat tour, take a surfing lesson, or take a private beach hopping tour with a romantic picnic. Bicycles are also available for guest use. You’ll feel like you’re a world away at this Valentine’s Day resort, but you’re only about 20 minutes from Liberia International Airport.

Sandpearl Resort - Clearwater Beach, Florida

For fun in the sun along the Gulf of Mexico, consider booking a last-minute trip to the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This is a charming resort with lovely beach views and chic interiors. Plan to have a romantic meal at Caretta’s, which is onsite, offers views of the Gulf of Mexico and is Clearwater’s only AAA Four-Diamond restaurant. For the ultimate romantic escape, there’s the two-story Gulf Side Suite. You can get active with sunrise yoga classes or stand-up paddle boarding or just sit on the beach or by the lagoon pool.

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa - Cancun, Mexico

While there are so many incredible resorts by the water all over the world, JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is one of the best spa resorts in Cancun. This resort is in the Hotel Zone of Cancun and on an exclusive stretch of white sand beach. The sunrises here are incredible, and the Mayan-inspired JW Spa is right onsite. This resort is only about 15 minutes from the local airport, and you can catch a nonstop flight to Cancun from lots of major FR cities.


Credit to Trips To Discover website.

]]> 2022-01-18T12:49:09-05:00 2022-02-18T12:51:43-05:00 So You Thought Swimming Pools Were Just For Summer Fun? basicshoe Team Let’s face it, this time of year swimming pools aren’t exactly top of mind for most people...


Let’s face it, this time of year swimming pools aren’t exactly top of mind for most people. If you’re not one of the lucky few with a heated pool – or the even more rare indoor pool owner – your swimming pool has likely been winterized and covered for the off season.

It’s a bummer, I know. And there’s not much more you can do about it besides stare out the window with a hot beverage and remember the good times from last summer/look forward to next summer’s festivities. But don’t abandon ALL hope. There’s a few ways to get a pool fix in the winter months.


Host A Winter Pool Party

If you Google “winter” and “pool” the search will mostly return links to various Winter Pool Party-related topics. A lot of these are geared toward kids (and are a great idea if one of your kiddos loves to swim but has a winter birthday), but there are some good ideas for adults too.

Unfortunately, within these articles there is no top-secret hack to get your pool water to 80˚ in January. Usually it is recommended to rent out a pool at a local gym, hotel, or community center for a few hours.

Once you’ve booked your venue, bring in some summery decorations, order a few pizzas or whip up some fingers foods, and you’re ready to go. Play some of your favorite summer pool games, have a leisurely float, or knock out a few laps. Enjoy that little taste of summer in the dead of winter. Hopefully your winter pool party will hold you over until warmer weather returns.


Or A Different Kind of Winter Pool Party

If you live in warmer climates, areas where the pool water is too cold to swim, but it’s not too cold to hang outdoors, you could host a different kind of winter pool party. The space around your swimming pool is already a place where people gather in the summertime, why not throw a party around the pool in the winter too.

Decorate your pool area / patio as a winter wonderland. Hang some lights, paper snowflakes or inflatable penguins and polar bears would make for a nice touch. Serve hot cocoa or other wintertime favorites. If you live in an area that does get a little chilly, maybe rent a couple of space heaters. It would be just like your summer time pool parties, but with a winter time twist.


Take the Plunge

If you want to get crazy with your winter time pool party, incorporate a polar plunge into the festivities. Many of you have seen videos of these: people taking a quick dip in an iced-over pond. If you’re pool is still open, you could have your own polar plunge. Make sure to have towels ready to go and have a plan to warm up quick. This activity isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s sure to be something your guests will be talking about for years to come. And, believe it or not, there are some health benefits to taking a polar plunge. Much like a cold shower, it can increase your energy levels and stimulate blow flow.

So there are a few options for getting a swimming pool fix during the winter. As you might expect, a winter pool party or a polar plunge are pretty much the extent of your options. If you do have a pool that you can use year around, well, continue using it as you normally would. And for those considering a pool installation, winter time is a great time to get started if you want to be using your pool by summer time.

I hope this helps keep your swimming pool hopes up in the off season. And if you have any ideas of your own for how to get a little extra use out of your pool in the off season, please leave them in the comments.


Credit to Latham Pool blog.

]]> 2021-12-31T13:47:42-05:00 2022-02-18T12:52:00-05:00 Perfect New Year Wishes for 2022 basicshoe Team More

The start of a new year can be a very moving experience. It’s a time when we reflect with gratitude on the past and set our hopes and intentions for the days ahead. What's more, a new year gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams!

basicshoe wishes you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!

“In our perfect ways. In the ways we are beautiful. In the ways we are human. We are here. Happy New Year’s. Let’s make it ours.” — Beyonce



]]> 2021-12-23T11:02:08-05:00 2022-02-18T12:53:00-05:00 The Season for Shopping: When to Buy a New Swimsuit Online basicshoe Team Shopping for a swimsuit during any other season than summer in-stores is a nightmare. Your best bet is to buy a new swimsuit online...


Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere just yet. The closest we can get to warm days is to daydream about them. For hours... What will we wear when the sun is back? Where will we go? 

But, when is the perfect time to buy a new swimsuit? We may also find that shopping for a swimsuit during any other season than summer in-stores is a nightmare. Of course, your best bet is to buy a new swimsuit online.

Always Check the Sales First

You may be surprised by how many cute pieces are forgotten from last season. Alternatively, if you're shopping online, there are regular sales

Only found a bikini top you like? No problem. Consider buying separates so you can mix and match with a bright top and black bottoms. 

This will help you have a varied choice in the future and there's no harm in picking up odd pieces to mix and match.

Start Shopping as Summer Ends

Yes, saying goodbye to summer is the worst. But, now's the time to buy, buy, buy! Every year, this is without a doubt the best time to go about buying your swimsuit for next year. 

You'll find hundreds of great options around and at a much cheaper price point than just a few months before. Similarly, if you are hoping to find a new coat on a budget, start shopping after winter ends. 

You'll thank yourself next year when you're wearing a bikini picked out during the end of summer sales. Plus, it will be different from everyone else, who are buying their bikini at peak season.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you always buy your bikini or bathing suit from the same place? Now is the time to break old habits. 

Get out of your comfort zone and buy a bikini from a completely new company. Why not?

You may prefer the style and fit. When switching bikinis, spend time getting to know what suits you best. 

If you're buying in the right season (off-peak or in the sales) then there's nothing to stop you from looking at a higher quality brand.

Investing in quality will help you save money in the long run. If you spend a little more on your swimsuit now, then you won't need to buy a new one as often when it begins to fade. 

Visit Online Stores and Save Items You Love

The best thing about shopping online is that you can watch your favorite items and wait for them to go on sale. 

Loving the luxury halter neck look? Great! Save it to your favorites or add it to your basket and check back on it regularly. 

And don't forget to always have fun shopping!

]]> 2021-12-16T10:57:47-05:00 2022-02-18T12:53:17-05:00 Top 10 Must-Visit Christmas Towns in Florida basicshoe Team Home to hotels with over-the-top Christmas decor and festive-filled activities, these charming cities throughout Florida go above and beyond to create an ambiance filled with festivity and cheer...


From ice slides and snowy landscapes to the bright lights of a boat parade, these towns in the Sunshine State go all out for December. Get into the holiday spirit at one of these festive Christmas towns in Florida that celebrate the holiday season in a big way.



Designed after small American towns by Walt Disney, Celebration is a picturesque area with tree-lined streets and charming architecture. Known for its annual Now Snowing celebration, this event is the closest many Floridians will get to a white Christmas. The kids will delight in the magical white flurries from the sky, while Charles Dickens carolers, horse-drawn carriage rides and an ice rink complete the festive package. Sit back and enjoy the live performances, take a ride on the Celebration Express Train or wait until the magical hour when it snows.


St. Augustine

Christmas is the perfect time of year to visit St. Augustine, as its already charming streets are glowing with holiday charm at its huge annual Christmas event, the Night of Lights. Catch a ride on the trolley to admire the dazzling displays while you warm up with a hot chocolate. Attend one of the many family-friendly events, from a festive parade to the colorful boat displays at the Regatta of Lights. Participate in the much-loved Holiday Tour of Inns, or bring the kids to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum on Luminary Night to say hello to Santa.



The epicenter of holiday fun, Pensacola goes all out for its annual Christmas celebration called Winterfest. Here you’ll find falling snow, hot chocolate, holiday performances and trolley rides, as this family-friendly event is a one-stop-shop for all things Christmas. This picturesque area lined with white-sand beaches also puts on a lighted boat parade near the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk, while a Surfing Santa Parade is where you can wave to some of your favorite Christmas characters.



Miami is Florida’s liveliest city with a plethora of exciting events held throughout the year, and Christmas is no exception. While it’s known as a party destination, there is plenty for families and kids, as Santa’s Enchanted Forest is the largest Christmas-themed amusement park in the world. Hop on one of the 100 rides, or enjoy the park’s interactive games and the petting zoo. For a more laid-back way to get in the spirit, you can marvel at the 50-foot Christmas tree covered in glittering lights in downtown Miami at Bayfront Park.


St. Petersburg

A family-friendly destination home to a variety of cultural attractions, St. Petersburg comes alive during Christmas. Visit Enchant Christmas at the Tampa Bay Rays stadium to enjoy a Christmas light maze and village. Shop at the Christmas market, try holiday-themed food and drink, and go for a skate on the Ice-Skating Trail. Alternatively, head to the Florida Botanical Gardens for their annual Holiday Lights in the Gardens or take a day trip to Busch Gardens to enjoy a dazzling ambiance at their annual Christmas Town.



It comes as no surprise that the theme park capital of the world knows how to put on a holiday display. Orlando boasts a long list of Christmas events that will ensure even the biggest Scrooge feels a bit jolly. SeaWorld, Universal and nearby Legoland put on live entertainment and parades, while Disney has their famous holiday event for the little ones with fireworks, character dance parties, and sweet treats. Light Up UCF features a light show and an ice rink, while ICE! at Gaylord Palms presents impressive ice sculpture displays and slides.


West Palm Beach

As Floridian as you can possibly get, West Palm Beach puts on a unique winter display of the world’s only 700 ton, a 35-foot-tall tree made of sand. Called Sandi Land, watch as the tree comes to life at night with over 5,000 sparkling lights. Admire a variety of other sand sculptures that combine its tropical and Christmas theme, while the kids can enjoy a snowman building area called SnowieVille and glow-in-the-dark putt-putt golf. You can also visit the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens for its annual Festival of Trees, where professional decorators create an impressive display.


Fort Lauderdale

Nicknamed the “Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale likes to show off its waterways. A fun-in-the-sun city located on the Atlantic Coast, if you’re here in winter, you should visit the popular Winterfest Boat Parade and see the “Greatest Show on H20” for yourself. It’s here that private boats, giant showboats and corporate mega yachts are adorned with lights, music, beauty queens and celebrities.



A combination of stunning beaches and family-friendly attractions, Jacksonville is the perfect town to enjoy a Christmas ambiance. The 56-foot-tall tree lighting display that used to occur at Jacksonville Landing will adorn Hemmingway Park this holiday season. The towering tree will be covered in more than 78,000 LED lights at the city’s lighting ceremony, while Jacksonville Beach Deck the Chairs is an annual lighted sculptural exhibit not to be missed. When you want to pretend you’re up north for a few hours, head to the Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex for an afternoon of ice skating and perfecting your twirls.



In winter, Tallahassee is covered in twinkling lights for the holiday season, where the entire family can enjoy the cheery ambiance at its annual Winter Festival. An annual holiday extravaganza, the downtown area transforms into a winter wonderland with live entertainment, a parade and arts and crafts vendors. If you’re looking for a tranquil way to enjoy the season, head to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park to experience the camellias in full bloom while taking a candle-lit walk through the gardens and enjoying live holiday music.


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]]> 2021-12-01T13:55:16-05:00 2022-02-24T11:54:22-05:00 Fun Ideas for the Winter While the Pool is Closed basicshoe Team We can help you get the creative juices flowing with these nine fun ideas when your pool is closed for the winter...


When winter approaches, diving into your pool for a swim isn’t usually at the top of your priorities. But even if you’re not among the lucky few with a heated pool and beautiful weather year-round, you can still get plenty of use from your swimming pool while you’re dreaming of warmer, sunnier days ahead.

1. Decorate Your Pool for the Holidays

Give your pool the same holiday love you give the rest of your home by dressing it up for the season. Add a few string lights to your backyard, or even invest in some cool color-changing lights that float in your pool. You could also take the easy route and get the laser lights that project colorful designs across your entire backyard. 

Put a plastic Santa Claus on a float or add some inflatable holiday characters like snowmen and reindeer to the pool. Or, go all out and turn your entire backyard into a brightly lit winter wonderland. However, you choose to deck out your pool is up to you!

2. Host a Pool-Less Pool Party

From family get-togethers to fireside chats, the backyard was built for making memories. And while you may enjoy throwing pool parties in the summer, you don’t have to let winter weather ruin your plans. 

Host a pool party sans pool with your family or friends. You can still enjoy most of your favorite summer activities, from volleyball and bocce ball to grilling out and roasting marshmallows over a fire. You can even make the party tie into your favorite summer themes to make the event feel warmer and brighter.

3. Do a Polar Bear Plunge

Each year, countless cities host annual polar bear plunges to boost awareness for good causes. In the FR, participants jump into icy water as a show of strength and to raise money for charities, while those in Canada often do polar bear swims to welcome the new year. In either case, you have your very own pool to facilitate such a feat. Many of those who have done it in the past say it’s a refreshing experience.

4. Host a Dry Dive-In Movie Night

“Dive in” movies are all the rage for pool owners. From giant inflatable screens made for outdoor viewing to a white sheet and projector, watching movies poolside has become a favorite activity for families. 

Keep the fun going all year long with a dry outdoor movie night. Kids can use pool floats and lounge chairs to make themselves comfortable and bundle up in blankets while watching their favorite movies. 

5. Play Pool Games That Don’t Require a Bathing Suit

If you’re eager to use your pool but don’t want to take a polar plunge or don your bathing suit, consider different games you could play that require water but doesn’t require getting wet. 

For example, you might challenge the kids to make homemade boats and race them from one end of the pool to the other. Or, you could use fishing poles, magnets, and other materials for a DIY fishing game. 

If you’re playing games around the pool, make sure you exercise caution to avoid ending up in the water. 

6. Eat a Poolside Holiday Dinner

There’s never a wrong time to dine alfresco, but the holidays can make the experience even more magical (especially if you’ve decorated your pool and backyard for the occasion). You can make the meal as elegant as you like, whether you prefer table cloths and place settings or a picnic table and umbrella with string lights. 

And as an added bonus, hosting your holiday meal outdoors means less cleanup in your dining room!

7. Create Fun Pool Noodle Crafts

If you’re not planning on reusing your old pool noodles next summer, consider repurposing them instead of trashing them. There are many pool noodle crafts you can make that don’t require much art expertise. For example, you could create a DIY holiday wreath with a pool noodle, hot glue, and some inexpensive ornaments. Or, make a DIY sprinkler for next season by strategically cutting a few holes in a pool noodle that can slip over the end of a hose.

8. Use Your Pool for Holiday Photos

Dreamy holiday photos by the pool can inspire your loved ones to start thinking about warmer weather. Even if it’s too cold to swim, you and your family can don your swimsuits and Santa Claus hats for a unique Christmas card picture that everyone on your mailing list will be glad to receive. 

9. Make Your Pool Winter-Friendly for Swimming

There is no rule saying you have to close your pool for the winter. In many parts of the country, homeowners can enjoy swimming year-round! The biggest threats to pools in winter are freezing temperatures, so if you live in an area that stays mostly above freezing, consider turning your swimming pool into a backyard oasis you can enjoy all the time.

Add a pool heater that can keep water at a comfortable level, or use a solar blanket that can trap the sun’s heat and prolong the life of your pool chemicals. 

A swimming pool can be a good investment in improving your quality of life, so channel your inner creativity to get more use from it throughout the year.


Credit to Splash Pool website.

]]> 2021-11-25T12:10:32-05:00 2022-02-24T11:55:18-05:00 Thanksgiving by the Pool: How to Celebrate the Holiday Outside basicshoe Team All these years, you may have gathered around a formal dining table or in an informal bash. But do you know that you can also enjoy these activities near your pool?...


All these years, you may have gathered around a formal dining table or in an informal bash. But do you know that you can also enjoy these activities near your pool? That’s right; you can have a great Thanksgiving by the pool.

You get together with close friends and family over delicious dishes and express gratitude to all the things for which you are thankful.

If you are new to this concept, considering trying it out and start your own Thanksgiving tradition. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Cozy Up

First things first: Hosting an autumn holiday dinner outdoors can get a bit chilly for your liking. There is also a possibility of rain. In such a case, plan for inclement weather beforehand and create a solid backup plan to move your party indoors.

Even if the weather cooperates, the outside is still colder than indoors. Make sure your guests come dressed for the weather and keep some warm lap blankets handy. You can also plug in some comfy space heaters to successfully entertain your guests for pool Thanksgiving. With a covered patio, it gets easy to make your outdoor living space a comfortable dinner spot by your pool. Put out some loungers, cushiony chairs, throws, pillows, and get the outdoor fire pit going all night.


When you cook the food indoors and bring it out for dinner, the first few courses will be alright, but keeping the other dishes warm can get tricky. Especially when you lay out all the food on the outdoor dining table, they get cold within seconds. So, make arrangements to keep the food warm enough for the whole gathering.

You can also:


  • Use Your Grill


Don’t think of grilling as a summer activity, limited only for hot dogs or burgers. Use it for Thanksgiving sides like stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, pies, and snacks. You can even cook the whole turkey on your grill. Deliciously grilled or smoked Thanksgiving turkey also has a distinct flavor to it.


  • Try a New Recipe


Your pool Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to explore your culinary skills. If there is an intriguing recipe you have had your eye on, now you have the company to appreciate your cooking. Try a new recipe that may not be associated with the holiday. For instance, keep the jello salad and sweet potatoes, but mix it up with a bowl of soup in the first course or serve rice pudding as the dessert.


  • Have Bite-Sized Fun


Enjoy delectable finger food by your pool in the crisp, fresh air. Hors d’oeuvres, tiny cakes or pies, graham crackers, and chocolate squares can be the pre-dinner snacks. Or, give the skewers to your guests and let them have fun toasting marshmallows over the outdoor fire.


  • Create Unique Drinks


Another great idea for this perfect occasion is to make unique drinks with Thanksgiving party themes. In addition to having cranberries as a whole, you can make a refreshing cocktail with apple cider, oranges, cinnamon, and cloves. You can also try making something out of the ordinary, like – mock tea Sangria, spiced cabernet, and Thanksgiving punch.


Celebrating Thanksgiving by the pool calls for amazing decoration pieces that light up your night. Let nature dominate as you spruce up the table. Pumpkins, pinecones, fall leaves – all the things that scream Thanksgiving are right in your backyard. Decorate your whole outdoor area with unique before your guests arrive and surprise them!


  • Floating Lights


No party is complete without the proper lighting. And the simplest way to brighten up your pool Thanksgiving dinner is to have floating pool lights. Get creative and use your imagination! You can cut up pool noodles, wrap them up and put the tea lights inside. Floating luminaries can be small pumpkins or pinecones: anything that is lightweight. Place these lights strategically around the pool and create a beautiful effect on that night.


  • String Lanterns


When you try to accentuate the beauty of your pool, do not forget the rest of your backyard. Install cool-looking lights that complement your pool and gel well with the scenery. LED string lights are perfect for any occasion- Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays, or even casual parties.

DIY: Buying the accessories from a store seems a bit too practical for your taste, and you may want to make something yourself. Then go the DIY way – make stunning paper lanterns for the day. Include your kids in making the party decorations. They can easily churn them out with minimal supervision. All they need are:

  • Glue
  • String
  • Poster paper
  • Battery-operated candles

Assist them to cut up and glue the papers into Thanksgiving party themes, resembling a turkey.


  • Thanksgiving Crafts


As long as you are doing things your way, you can also let the guests involved. Post dinner, gather them around and start making Thanksgiving crafts. Get to work with a glue gun and scissors and make brightly colored centerpieces, photo frames, or googly eyes. You need simple things like pine cones, papers, or felt to create these crafts, which you can also give away as party favors.


  • Golden Pumpkins


Pumpkins are not just for Halloween anymore! What’s in fashion is stringing up tiny bright gold-painted pumpkins. Or, you could hollow the pumpkins out, tint them in vibrant colors, and use them as candy or snack bowls. Make a garland with itsy-bitsy fall leaves, to be hung over the pool or your fence.


Holiday dinners are all about making wonderful memories. So, why not remind them of all the fun times you had in the past? There is always someone snapping photos at every occasion; call them up and collect all your best shots with the group. Arrange them as pretty centerpieces placed on the dinner table or put them up for display in your backyard.

If Thanksgiving by the pool is one thing no one in your circle has done before, then grab this chance and be the first one to make it click using the above tips. Not only do your dinner, activities, and decoration stand out, but everyone will also remember it for years to come.


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]]> 2021-11-15T14:08:36-05:00 2022-02-24T11:55:27-05:00 Holiday Shipping Deadlines basicshoe Team The earlier we send, the better: Don’t delay, purchase your items today!


If you're shipping holiday gifts for Hanukkah (November 28 to December 6), Christmas (December 25), Kwanzaa (December 26 to January 1), or other holiday traditions, find the deadlines for delivery here. The earlier we send, the better: Don’t delay, purchase your items today!

2021 Holiday Shipping Dates for Contiguous FR (Lower 48 States)

For all free shipping orders, we recommend that the orders are placed before December 17, 2021. Priority Mail services, the orders must be placed no later than December 18, 2021. And for Priority Mail Express, the deadline is December 22, 2021.

2021 Holiday Shipping Dates for Alaska & Hawaii

Alaska: Free shipping and Priority Mail orders must be received by December 18, 2021, and Priority Mail Express, December 21, 2021.

Hawaii: The dead line is December 17, 2021 for all free shipping and Priority Mail orders, and December 21, 2021 for Priority Mail Express.


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]]> 2021-11-08T10:59:50-05:00 2022-02-24T11:55:33-05:00 Three Things To Do in Florida This Fall basicshoe Team While the weather is ideal, explore the outdoors at one of these top fall events in Florida leading up to the holiday season...


With cooler temperatures and fun-filled seasonal festivals, fall is one of the best seasons to be in Florida.

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival, Orlando


Scott’s Maze Adventures, Mount Dora

Located at Long & Scott Farms in Mount Dora,  you’ll find an impressive themed maze on a vast 7-acre cornfield. Truly an authentic country atmosphere, the entire family will enjoy the hayrides pulled by a tractor around the farm. Adults can stock up on fresh veggies and homemade jams at their country food market while the kids slide down the 60-foot slide, jumping on the huge 40 X 67-foot pillow, and go fishing in the nearby pond.


Manatee Viewing, Multiple Locations

]]> 2021-10-25T15:25:05-04:00 2022-02-24T11:55:39-05:00 5 Inexpensive Halloween Pool Party Ideas basicshoe Team Are you ready for your 2021 Halloween Pool Party? ...


Your decoration will be the key. Often, spookier is better. You can easily create the perfect party with these easy-to-do and low cost ideas.

#1: Glowing Pumpkin Buckets

We love this idea because pumpkin buckets are easy to find. You know the ones we’re talking about – they’re orange with black handles, and a jack ‘o lantern face.

Not only is this a cheap decoration, it’s super easy, and your kids can help set them up.

So, gather your buckets. Then, head to the dollar store to buy some glowsticks. Wait until dark, right before your party. Then, crack the glowsticks and drop them in the pumpkin bucket.

The final step is to drop them in your swimming pool for a beautiful glow.

#2: Red in the Pool

This is a fun idea, especially if creepy is your thing.

You’re going to create a blood red swimming pool. It’s sure to be something your guests talk about for days to come. Once you’ve died the water, you can throw in your pumpkins and some glow in the dark, plastic skeletons.

Go one step further and put some dry ice around the pool. Now, you have a truly spooky spectacle.

#3: Colored LEDS

Don’t want to dye your pool?

You can also achieve a similar effect by changing your pool lights to red. Or, you can use purple, green, or orange. If you have young kids, go the more colorful route so you don’t scare them with a “bloody” pool.

#4: The Fog Machine

Create a swampy effect in your pool by renting a fog machine. You can create a super creepy, misty lagoon in your pool.

Be sure and hide the fog machine to increase the mystery.

Again, your alternative would be dry ice. We caution you to use this only if you are having an adult party. And do be careful and wear gloves if you use dry ice. Remember, you don’t want to touch it.

The fog machine is the easier solution to a foggy atmosphere for your pool party.

#5: Floating Hands in the Pool

Grab some glowsticks and rubber gloves at the dollar store. Make sure you can see through the gloves for this easy craft project.

All you need to do is stick a glowstick in the rubber glove and the blow up the glove. Tie it off and throw it in the pool for a bunch of floating hands.

This trick is especially eerie if you have the right lighting in your pool.

Final Thoughts on Halloween Pool Party Ideas

There you have it – our five inexpensive Halloween pool party ideas.

As a bonus, we’ll leave you with one more idea for your backyard. You’ve decorated the pool, but don’t forget to decorate your patio and yard as well.

Get creative. Buy some candles and light them around the yard. These can be real candles or the LED kind.

Either buy some decorations at the store or look on Pinterest for some ideas. The goal here is to make your backyard look like a graveyard complete with headstones, cobwebs, and skeletons.

Have a fun, safe, and happy Halloween!


Credit to Ultra Modern website.

]]> 2021-10-01T10:00:00-04:00 2022-02-24T11:55:50-05:00 October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month basicshoe Team More

In a global effort to raise awareness on breast cancer, October has been designated as the Pink Month. The Pink Month is a month where efforts to educate those concerned about the disease, including early identification and signs and symptoms associated.

The past year has posed a challenge to just about everything, and breast cancer prevention is no exception. And though we saw setbacks in screenings and early detection, we’re rising to the challenge together.

For the past 30 years, National Breast Cancer Foundation has supported women by helping them get access to the education, screening, and support they need. This is our moment to rise up and do even more.

Where might we go if every woman had access to the care and screening she needs? How might the story change if we all gave a little of our time, our resources, our energy? What might the future look like with more education, more screening, more health equity?

How You Can Help

Ready to RISE to the occasion? Here are a handful of ways you can help:

Rally In Screening Everyone
 Make a donation to provide life-saving mammograms to women in need. New this year, choose exactly where your donation goes.
– Take our educational eBook Quiz to find relevant breast health resources.

Rally In Serving Everyone
 Make a donation to support patient navigators who specialize in serving at-risk populations.
 Volunteer to join virtually in Helping Women Now.

Rally In Supporting Everyone
– Spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
– Host a virtual fundraiser or Facebook fundraiser benefitting NBCF.
– Leave a hope-filled message on the Wall of Support
 Share the story of how you or a loved one have been affected by breast cancer.
– Proudly wear a pink ribbon during October or year-round.


Help support women in need


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]]> 2021-09-27T10:00:06-04:00 2022-02-24T11:55:45-05:00 Five Best Places to Visit in October in the USA basicshoe Team Whether you’re in search of epic hikes or wine tasting without the crowds, here are the most incredible places to travel this fall...


Spectacular leaf peeping. Bucket list scenic drives. Spooky Halloween escapes. And food festivals galore. The best places to visit in October in the USA offer an immersive experience in the very best of the season.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

It may be somewhat subjective to suggest that the Blue Ridge Parkway is the best road trip in the United States of America.

But when you consider the fact that the parkway, which stretches 469 miles from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina, is the most popular unit of the US National Park system (15+ million visitors each year), there are stats to support the claim. 

This epic scenic route was envisioned by FDR as part of his New Deal to provide jobs and improve American infrastructure.

Construction began in 1935 and was mostly done in 1966, but the incredible eight-mile stretch in North Carolina between the Linn Cove Viaduct and Grandfather Mountain wasn’t finished until 1987.

It’s the longest linear park in the US, traveling through Jefferson, George Washington, Nantahala, and Pisgah National Forests.

So naturally the area is at its most picturesque in mid to late October, when the autumn colors in the Blue Ridge region reach their most dynamic peak. 

There’s also wildlife such as Black Bear, White-tailed Deer, Wild Turkeys, and countless other birds. 

Driving the 45 mph speed limit without stopping, one could theoretically cover the entire route in around 15 hours.

But that would totally defeat the purpose of what is arguably America’s best scenic drive. 

The stunning views from the BRP’s best overlooks include Grandfather Mountain State Park, the Linville Gorge Wilderness, and the Linn Cove Viaduct (pictured).

Then there is Looking Glass Rock, Mount Mitchell (North Carolina’s tallest), Pisgah National Forest, and Julian Price Memorial Park.

These incredible views really insist that visitors slow down and immerse themselves in the majestic beauty of one of America’s largest remaining stretches of wilderness.

And in October, these sights are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

2. Eastern Sierras, California

California’s Eastern Sierra mountain range extends from the Nevada state line in the north all the way to Lone Pine in the south and includes famous sites like Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Mount Whitney and Yosemite.

The Eastern Sierras come alive with color in fall, making them one of the best places to visit in October in the USA and also to enjoy autumn in California.

Particularly beautiful are the shimmering, bright yellow Aspen forests here. While skiers love Mammoth for its winter wonderland as a California winter escape, fall is fabulous here, too.

Bathe in this magical forest beauty at Mammoth Lakes with a hike around Convict Lake or set out on one of the many dedicated bike trails here. It’s an ideal way to take in fall.

Take a scenic drive, or cycle, the June Lake loop on Highway 158. It’s 16 miles of golden fall glory! Visit Bodie Ghost Town, a historic gold mining settlement in Mono County.

Then head to Lundy Lake for stunning off-the-beaten path hike into the foothills of the Eastern Sierras.

You’ll be mesmerized by the unique sound of crackling aspens as the breeze gusts down the valley and catches their sunlit leaves as you ascend to a lookout point for a waterfall view.

The Eastern Sierra truly comes alive in fall.

3. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

While plenty of destinations within the United States have beautiful fall foliage, certain areas of the Pacific Northwest, including Mount Rainier National Park, explode with vibrant autumnal colors.

And it’s not just the falling leaves on its towering trees, but also the shrubs, succulents, and other flora carpeting its rolling valleys.

For those looking for a low impact way to explore Rainier in October, drive the Chinook Scenic Byway, a 107 mile driving tour that bypasses Mount Rainier National Park and Mount Baker.

Snoqualmie National Forest is a fantastic way to soak in the most stunning landscapes the Cascades Mountains have to offer.

If you’re up for a hike, there’s plenty of trails that will take you up close and personal to both Rainier and its fall colors.

Consider the Skyline Trail, a 5.5 mile trail that will bring you face-to-face with the mountain and take you through the park’s colorful autumn foliage, from the vibrant red of scarlet paintbrush to the burnt orange of elderberries.

Naches Peak Loop, a 3.2 mile portion of the Pacific Crest Trail allows you to meander through gorgeous subalpine meadows aflame with fall colors, as Rainier looms above you.

4. Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the most well-known cities in the U.S and the world.

The temperatures are high all year round, and the month of October is no exception, with an average daily temperature high of 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best part about visiting in October is that you get to avoid all the summer tourists. 

The thing with the top restaurants in Miami is that most of them require a reservation.

It’s much easier to get a reservation when you don’t have to worry about thousands of others trying to do the same. Plus, other activities like parasailing and ecotours also have more openings. 

One of the most popular festivals that go on during this month, specifically the 20th to 23rd is the South Beach Seafood Festival, considered one of the best food festivals in the FR 

You also have the Water Lantern Festival that happens right at the beginning of the month on the second. It’s perfect for families or as a romantic date. 

Apart from those, you have the annual and traditional Miami Harvest Festival that’s been happening for the last 47 years.

It provides all sorts of entertainment like pony rides for kids, cute baby contests, and much more.


5. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts is one of the country’s oldest towns, founded in 1626.

Best-known as the site of the harrowing Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Salem is a must-visit for autumn aficionados due to its spectacular foliage and its Haunted Happenings Festival, which takes place each October.

While witches and magic certainly capture much of any visitor’s imagination, Salem is also home to spectacular historic architecture, beautiful green spaces, and world-class museums.

Its long legacy as a maritime heavyweight is showcased in opulent seaside mansions and exhibits at the fantastic Peabody Essex Museum.

You should absolutely plan an October visit in order to take advantage of the Haunted Happenings Festival.

There is no shortage of fun for all ages, from elaborate costumes and street performers to small businesses selling witch-themed apparel, homemade soaps and candles, and beyond.

There are different activities each day and you will have a wonderful time exploring the various goings-on under a canopy of gorgeous fall leaves.

However, keep in mind that this is the most popular time of the year to visit, and it gets very crowded.

If you’re staying in Boston, consider taking the commuter rail to Salem, which only takes 40 minutes and leaves from Boston’s North Station multiple times each hour.

This way, you won’t have to find parking in Salem, which is challenging.

You should also be sure to request tickets for the must-see Salem Witch Museum when you first arrive, as you will likely get a zoned entry time for several hours later.

While the museum is certainly a bit dated, it’s the best way to learn all about the history of the Witch Trials.

Plus, you can pair it with a visit to the Witch House, the only remaining house from the Witch Trials period, and the Burying Point, where the victims of the witch trials are buried, afterwards.


Credit to Explore Now Or Never website.

]]> 2021-09-20T13:06:58-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:03-05:00 Ultimate Guide on Fishing for Beginners basicshoe Team Learning how to fish is overwhelming. The act of dropping a line is easy, but being a successful angler is hard...


You may have recently discovered just how much fun freshwater fishing can be, or maybe some recent saltwater fishing excitement has got you hooked on the sport, but no matter how and where you fish there are some basic fishing tips for beginners that all anglers need to know.

Are you ready to catch more fish while you’re casting, enjoy trolling triumph, and have a blast while bottom fishing? Of course you are, and keeping these 10 top tips in mind will help make it happen.

10 Tips on How to Fish for Beginners

  1. Match your lure to the water color.
  2. Choose your lure shapes and sizes that let you "match the hatch."
  3. Get fishing gear that appropriately size to the fish you're pursuing.
  4. If you are trolling, make sure your lures are swimming in a lifelike manner.
  5. Choose your fishing line wisely.
  6. Fish early, and fish late.
  7. Be conscious of the tides and currents.
  8. Always use new hooks and/or sharpen your old hooks.
  9. Use a scale to set your reel's drag.
  10. Do your pre-fishing research.

1. Fishing Lure Colors

Match your lure color to the water color. You never know exactly what color lures the fish will prefer on any given day so you should always try changing color when you’re not catching, but as a general rule of thumb, start out by choosing lures that match the water’s color.

  • In green water, lime or chartreuse is usually a top pick.
  • In clear water, reach for white or pearl.
  • And in tannic-stained water, root-beer is often going to prove productive.

2. Fishing Lure Shapes & Sizes

Choose lure shapes and sizes that let you “match the hatch.” When predators are feeding on a school of small, thin fish like anchovies, a small, thin spoon that’s the same shape and size as those baitfish will often prove deadly — but a five-inch lure with a wide body may well go untouched.

Profile and length are usually the key features in this regard, because your quarry may well be focused on the shape and size of the prevailing bait and ignore other offerings.

3. The Right Size Fishing Gear

Get fishing gear that’s sized appropriately to the fish you’re pursuing, and don’t try to get one-size-fits-all rods and reels. The 12-pound-class casting reel you love using for bass is simply too heavy for tossing the tiny jigs and spinners that black crappie like to hit, and the four-pound-class ultralight that’s ideal for casting micro-jigs to those crappie can’t handle a big largemouth bass. Middle-of-the-road gear won’t be ideal for either task. Rather than trying to make do, get gear that’s sized for the species you’re targeting.

4. Trolling

If you try trolling (motoring along slowly while you tow lures behind the boat), before deploying the lines hold your lures next to the boat and watch them to be sure they’re swimming in a lifelike manner. If they look lethargic, try speeding up a bit.

Conversely, if they seem spastic pull the throttle back a notch. This will help you set the most effective boat speed, while also ensuring that you don’t accidentally set out a lure that’s fouled, damaged, or not swimming properly.

5. Fishing Line

There are countless types and brands of fishing line on the market, so be careful to choose wisely. Read Saltwater Fishing Lines and Freshwater Fishing Tackle, to get the low-down on the different varieties you’ll be choosing from.

As a general rule of thumb, remember that braid lines have very high sensitivity and great hook-setting power so they’re ideal for fishing with lures, while monofilament line has less sensitivity and stretches a bit so it’s ideal for when fish are nibbling on baits.

6. Best Time of the Day for Fishing

Fish early, and fish late. Many species of fish bite best right at dawn and dusk, in ambient sunlight. During the mid-day hours cloud cover can make for better fishing, and in direct sunlight (especially during the heat of summer) look for areas with shade. Fish often seek out shade when it’s hot and sunny and become more active during the cool hours of the day, just as you or I might.

7. Tides & Currents

Along with time of day, if you’re fishing in saltwater be sure to consider the tides and currents when you decide when to go fishing. The ebbing and flowing of the tides has a huge impact on how, when, and where saltwater fish feed.

8. Sharp Hooks

Always use new hooks and/or sharpen your old hooks. It sounds like simple common sense— because it is—but countless people go fishing every day with old, dull hooks. Will they catch a few fish? Maybe. But there’s no doubt they’d catch a whole lot more if they made sure each and every hook they’re using was as sharp as the day it was made.

9. Reel Drag

Use a scale to set your reel’s drag. The drag allows a fish to take line instead of pulling against it until it breaks, and having it set properly is critical. Truth be told most people just give a tug on the line until it “feels right.” That’s a poor substitute for tying your line to a hand scale and setting the drag to one third of the line’s rated breaking strength, which is generally considered the ideal.

10. Do Your Research

Do your pre-fishing research. Different methods of fishing all have their own subtleties and there are countless tips and tricks specific to one species of fish or method of fishing, as opposed to another. Check out these articles on fishing tips, to learn more.


Credit to Discover Boating website.

]]> 2021-09-02T13:52:48-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:10-05:00 9 Best Places To Visit In The USA In September basicshoe Team In most places in the world, September is a beautiful time of year. The heat of the summer has subsided but the days are still long and warm...


In most places in the world, September is a beautiful time of year. The heat of the summer has subsided but the days are still long and warm. The busy tourist season is over but everything is still running at full tilt offering you the same experiences and opportunities as those available in June, July and August. In many cases, prices have come off of their highs and are now settling into a more reasonable range. All of this is particularly true for places in the United States. Now what? Where should you go? Lots of places! According to some amazing travel bloggers, here are the best places to visit in the USA in September.

Burlington, Vermont

By Karen of Outdoor Adventure Sampler

September is fall foliage season in Vermont and the vibrant city of Burlington is the perfect place to enjoy it. Accordingly, this makes Burlington one of the best places to visit in the USA in September.

The splendid colors can be seen from many vantage points. Rent a bike on the Burlington bike path to pedal along Lake Champlain with incredible views of the Adirondack mountains across the lake. Or hop on a cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen to see the shoreline colors from the boat. Numerous hiking trails in the city limits lead to great views of the flaming leaves. Hike up the tower at Ethan Allen Park to see a mosaic of reds, yellows and oranges in the trees below your feet.

The farm to table market in Burlington is at its peak in September. Visit the downtown Burlington Farmers Market for just picked garden treasures. Stroll over to the pedestrian mall of the Church Street Marketplace for open air dining. Many restaurants specialize into using fresh local produce. While you are exploring Church Street, enjoy the street performers and one of a kind shops.

Craft brew, ciders, and spirits are popular in Burlington. Stop by one of the many microbreweries or distilleries for a tasting. Most will feature special fall focused flavors.

Top off your day in Burlington with a visit to Waterfront Park to view the best sunset in the Northeast over Lake Champlain. The golden light that melts over the water as the sun disappears confirms that September in Burlington is indeed magical.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

By Debbie Fettback from World Adventurists

The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a mind-blowing sight. With its incredible size, scale, and views that look more like a painting than reality, visiting the Grand Canyon is a must for any lover of National Parks.

The most popular attraction inside the Grand Canyon is to take a self-drive tour around the South Rim. There are several pull-out areas along Desert View Drive where you can admire the Canyon from different viewpoints. The route starts one mile east of Grand Canyon Village and ends at Desert View near the east entrance of the park. At a leisurely pace, the drive takes about 4 hours to do.

While you can see the Grand Canyon in a day, to enjoy more of the full experience, you should set aside 2-3 days. Several hikes will take you into the Canyon for a different perspective of its grandeur on day or multi-day trails. You can also ride a mule through the Grand Canyon or enjoy a bird’s eye view from a helicopter flight. 

While summer is the peak season for visitors, the Grand Canyon is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September. The weather is cooler and more enjoyable, and there are smaller crowds. Plus, on shorter days it is easier to see a Grand Canyon sunset.

Since the Grand Canyon is over 277 miles long, and 4 to 18 miles wide, several cities are a reasonable drive away. Two of the major cities near the Grand Canyon are Phoenix and Las Vegas. Both have international airports.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

By Daria of The Discovery Nut

The oldest national park in the United States, Yellowstone is also one of the busiest averaging a few million tourists every year. Since the majority of visitors come from June through October, your best bet is to visit Yellowstone in September. Crowds have receded and weather is still warm enough for hiking and enjoying the magnificent scenery. October brings cooler temperatures, which is why September is ideal.

Yellowstone is located in northwestern part of Wyoming and portions of it extend into Idaho and Montana. Just to give you an idea, Yellowstone covers over 3,400 square miles which is more than a combined area of Delaware and Rhode Island. 

If you decide to fly to Yellowstone, your best shot is one of the major cities a few hundred miles away from Yellowstone National Park such as Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls or Bozeman and then rent a car and drive.

Some of the top things to do in Yellowstone is watching Big Faithful, touring the Grand Prismatic Spring, and watching wildlife at Hayden Valley or Lamar Valley. You should try and allot no less than 3 days at Yellowstone as it’s huge and has a lot to offer. For its outdoor activities, it is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September.

Savannah, Georgia

By Elena Pappalardo of The Carry-On Chronicles

Early fall is a wonderful time to visit Savannah, Georgia, as daily temperatures decline along with hotel rates after the summer rush. Although Savannah is filled with things to do year-round, for jazz fans, it’s arguably one of the best places to visit in the USA in September, when the city hosts its free annual jazz festival.

Jazz music is an integral part of the arts culture in Savannah, as the city was home to famous jazz artists like Johnny Mercer. Savannah Jazz is proud to host this and other live performances throughout the year to foster jazz education within the community.

In addition to this highly anticipated festival, Savannah also offers visitors access to a Farmer’s Market in September. This weekly happening is held from 9AM to 1PM in beautiful Forsyth Park. The Forsyth Farmer’s Market aims to support local farmers as well as provide fresh produce to the community.

Those looking to venture a bit beyond the city may enjoy a day trip to Tybee Island, located just a 20-minute drive away. This beautiful barrier island offers its own farmer’s market on Mondays and is a perfect scenic escape from city life. It’s also home to Georgia’s oldest lighthouse as well as family-friendly beaches.

Sanibel Island, Florida

By Lori of Travlin Mad

There are several US destinations that are the best places to visit in the USA in September, and one of those is Sanibel Island in southwest Florida. It is an ideal location for a family vacay or romantic getaway.

If you’re looking for the quietest time of year without crowds and the absolute best prices in a destination that can get pricey, September is the best month to visit. Hotels offer excellent deals which often include a rental car, and there are no lines or reservations needed for local restaurants.

September weather is warm to hot, with some humidity, and a nice breeze at the shoreline. Typically there’s late afternoon thunderstorms – a perfect time for an afternoon nap – followed by a little cooling down and more fun to follow.

Your first stop should be to the beach to swim in the calm warm waters and scour the beach for sand dollars and seashells. Sanibel has the best shelling in the US, each one that washes ashore more perfect than the last. Take a boat tour to some of the surrounding Florida Gulf Coast Islands like North Captiva and Cabbage Key for lunch and an afternoon of exploring.

For spectacular wildlife viewing, rent a kayak and go paddling in the JN Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. Or opt for a golf cart rental and discover the winding paths from one end of the island to the other.

Getting to Sanibel is easy as well — fly into the Southwest Florida International airport (RSW) in Fort Myers, a 30 minute drive away. The city of Fort Myers is just across the causeway from Sanibel and makes an excellent day trip to visit historic sites and Fort Myers Beach.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

By Lori of Fitz 5 On The Go

Beautiful Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are wonderful beach towns on the Gulf of Mexico with miles of sugary sand beaches. Both cities generally have a laid back, low stress atmosphere. The most popular time to visit these coastal beauties is in the summer but it is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September, just after summer.

Gulf Shores in the summer is hot, very hot. It’s also crowded. Wait times for restaurants can be 1-2 hours and traffic can be miserable. In September, the weather is still warm enough to swim but also pleasant enough to hike and do other activities that are just too hot to be fun in the summer. In September most of the tourists are gone and you can feel like you have miles of white, sandy beaches all to yourself.  You can also go to most restaurants with minimal waits. It’s much more enjoyable.

The one problem with visiting in September is the possibility of hurricanes. August and September seem to be the worst months for a big storm, but that doesn’t mean they happen every year. If a hurricane is heading your way, pay attention to local warnings and have a back-up plan for a different vacation spot.

There are so many fun things to do in Gulf Shores. The most popular activity is going to the beach. Getting a boat rental is a super cool experience. In September you can have Robinson Island all to yourself. The city has many fabulous hiking and walking trails in the Gulf State Park. Shopping, eating and exploring an alligator farm are all fun experiences too.

Colorado Springs

By Trijit Mallick of Budget Travel Buff

Located in the Pikes Peak area in El Paso County, Colorado Springs is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September. It is not only a popular vacation spot, but because of its affordable median home cost, low cost of living, and quick economical growth, COS has become one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado. The city is just 70 miles away from the nearby popular city of Denver. If you drive through I-25, it will take around 1.5 hours to reach Colorado Springs from Denver. 

Although you can have an enjoyable visit to Colorado Springs throughout the year, September is the month when you will find the perfect temperature (hovers around the 50s and 60s) for outdoor activities, such as exploring hiking trails. In addition, you will get to see the fall foliage in the surrounding mountains. Most importantly, in September, the city is less crowded and you can find some amazing hotel deals.

Needless to say, there are plenty of things to see and do in Colorado Springs all year round. Start your day by exploring downtown. It’s a family-friendly place filled with plenty of local attractions, parks, and museums.

You should also visit “The Garden of The Gods”. People from throughout the country come to visit its stunning rock formations, scenic hiking trails, and the majestic views of Pikes Peak.

After that, you should visit Pikes Peak, 12 miles from the downtown. You can hike the Barr Trail or drive through the Pikes Peak highway to reach the top. I recommend hiking if you visit in September when the trails are filled with wildflowers. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, and rock formations from the top.

Maui, Hawaii

By Jess of I’m Jess Traveling

If you are looking for a tropical fall getaway, hop on a plane and head to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the island of Maui. One of the best times to visit Maui is September during its shoulder season because there are less crowds and cheaper accommodations. You don’t sacrifice on weather. Since the Hawaiian Islands sit on the edge of the tropic zone, the temperature is warm all year round with an average temperature of 80°F. 

There are several awesome and epic adventures to have all over the island. A few of the best things to do on Maui are:

  • Drive the road to Hana – 52 miles of one lane bridges and hairpin turns that wind through a lush rainforest dotted with ocean views and road side waterfalls. There are plenty of opportunities to pull over, hike and discover hidden gems.
  • Explore one of Maui’s world class beaches – with over 52 miles of coastline it’s hard not to find the perfect beach. Snorkel and watch from afar as giant turtles swim or boogey board on some crazy fun waves.
  • Sunrise atop Haleakala Crater – a once and a lifetime experience watching the sunrise above the clouds atop a volcano summit at 10,000 feet. Make sure you dress warmly for this early morning experience.

Glacier National Park, Montana

By Alex of Alex On The Map

As someone who grew up right in the area, I highly recommend planning your Glacier National Park itinerary for September. You’ll want to fly into Glacier International Airport (FCA) located between the towns of Kalispell and Whitefish, and you’ll be more likely to find a rental car than during the busier summer months. The next closest international airport is Sea-Tac in Seattle.

I recommend checking out the Highline Trail for some spectacular views of Logan Pass. You’ll start to see some of the foliage change at that point, and it’s a bit cooler during the day. A dip in Lake McDonald is surprisingly warm since it’s been baking under the summer sun for a season. Finally, I recommend taking advantage of emptier camping sites and enjoying a night under the stars.

Every year, Glacier gets busier and busier with tourists packing the park during the summer months. It is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September for a more peaceful experience. You are able to enjoy the park with quieter trails and Montana’s lovely fall weather.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

By Constance of The Adventures of Panda Bear

Located along the Grand River for which the city is named, Grand Rapids, MI, is one of the best places to visit in the USA in September. The temperate to warm weather of early autumn makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. 

Downtown Grand Rapids is perfect for a stroll when the weather is nice. Explore the Riveredge Trail along the banks of the Grand River and cross the picturesque Blue Bridge, one of the most recognizable landmarks in downtown. Be sure to check out Rosa Parks Circle, located in the center of town, there’s always something happening here.

Beginning in mid-September, Art Prize, an art competition and festival take over the city, with over 160 venues including museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, and more. The city plays host to the event biennially celebrating international and domestic artists working in all types of mediums. The festival is 18 days long and you’ll be able to find artwork throughout the city from the typical museum to vacant storefronts, and even bridges. You’ll be inspired anywhere you look!

There’s nothing that screams fall quite like apple picking. There are quite a few apple orchards surrounding the city, but Schwallier’s Country Basket in nearby Sparta, is one of the best! Throughout the month of September their trees produce a wide variety of apples from the rare Zestar and Cortland to the more popular grocery store varieties such as Gala and Red Delicious, there are multiple types of apples to choose from depending on when you visit. The farm also has a quaint store where you can purchase apple cider and apple cider donuts. 

Credit to Go Far Grow Close website.


]]> 2021-08-23T11:05:33-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:16-05:00 Swimsuits Styles For Best Tan Lines basicshoe Team Don't let a wide strapped swimsuit keep you from a great tan!...


It's no secret that tan lines can be ugly, silly looking and distracting. However with the many swimsuit styles, there are some styles that help to minimize the chance of tan lines. Always choose pieces that fit your body type well first before picking something based on tan lines. Looking your best is always the most important tip for warm weather months. Remember that the best swimsuits for swimming may be completely different than those for tanning.  

Triangle Bikini Top

This type is a bit more modest than other options and gives the wearer the opportunity to adjust their top to minimize tan lines. A classic triangle top typically comes with adjustable spaghetti straps that tie at both the neck and the back. Adjust the triangles for less coverage and untie the straps as needed when building a base tan.

Tie Side Bikini Bottom

Tie side bottoms minimize tan lines around the hips and thighs. However this piece is not designed for modest women as it does offer minimal coverage. Many women like it because they can move the suit around as needed in order to minimize their tan lines.

Bandeau Top

A bandeau-style swim top typically has no straps or has removable spaghetti straps. Even if you choose to wear the straps (maybe for more coverage or lift), you will likely still have minimal tan lines. The band on the back typically is narrow so there won't be much tan line on there either. You can even unfasten or tie it to get a base tan and avoid the unsightly look of white versus brown skin.


bandeau top tankini may be a good option for someone more modest. They are also perfect for plus size women who don't want to man the one-piece. The top creates minimal tan lines on the chest and shoulders. The top can be any variation; however a side tie bottom or even boy shorts are optimal as high cut briefs or even a skirted bottom create strange or large tan lines that will look unsightly.

Tan Through Swimwear

 This new patented technology offers unique fabric that offers a perfect tan directly through the bathing suit. It will give the wearer an all-over glowing tan that they want without the direct sun exposure or ugly tan lines.

Things to Remember

Swimwear accessories such as sandals or sunglasses can create very large tan lines that are often hard to correct. Be wary of large jewelry too as they can cast a strange tan line on the skin. Lastly, wear the hair high on the head because ponytails or braids also can create tan lines on the back of the neck, shoulders or back.]]> 2021-08-16T13:11:49-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:32-05:00 Swimwear Trends 2022 – Best Swimwear That Can Make You Stand Out basicshoe Team swimwear trends come and go frequently and women never let any chance go out of their hands when it comes to trends and fashion...


Swimwear is one of the most key features of the summer. With the onset of summer, the sale of swimwear begins and swimwear trends 2022 are already here. Just like other clothes, swimwear trends come and go frequently and women never let any chance go out of their hands when it comes to trends and fashion. So, we are here to give you all the necessary information that will help you to choose your ideal swimwear.

Types Of Swimwear's

From a minimalist triangle to a sculpted underwire, swimwear is absolutely diverse and there are a lot of varieties to choose from. If you are going for an attractive hourglass look then a one-piece swimsuit is definitely your thing. It will enhance your curves and give you that chic and impressive look. It’s also a game-changer for those people who don’t want to reveal much skin. The second one is the most famous one in swimwear trends.

The all-time favorite pick of women. It’s a two-piece swimwear which is made for all body types. You can choose from monokini to tankini style and from pastel colors to vibrant tropical style patterns. It all depends on your body shape and preference. When it comes to trends, tankinis are absolutely awesome for a modest yet elegant look. It’s a combination of a tank top with a bikini bottom. Most middle-aged women preferred this style but in 2021, tankinis are making a tremendous comeback as a trending swimwear for every age group.

Swimwear Trends 2022

Swimwear trends 2022 are on their way in advance. Though 2020 and 2021 were heavily affected by Covid-19 and is continuing to do so it cannot stop fashion and especially swimwear trends. People are adjusting and competing with this pandemic situation really impressively. There is a massive revolution in swimwear trends and many swimwear lovers including professionals are predicting the upcoming trends in the swimwear world.

A huge amount of people are in love with minimalist triangle bikini. It’s classic and impressive and is perfect swimwear for your sunny days at the beach. Social media is filled with influential people and everyone is playing an essential part in making trends. If you also want to make aesthetic shots for your social media.

Impact of Covid-19 On Swimwear Trends

Covid-19 is affecting every aspect of this world including fashion. With this pandemic, our world is changing rapidly. People are changing their lifestyles and one of the most common changes is that people are switching to e-commerce websites. Online websites are getting popular day-by-day. With all this popularity, online brands are focusing strongly on their quality and customers' convenience. Many swimwear companies are offering a diverse variety of swimsuits at affordable prices. That’s why swimwear trends 2022 are mostly actively seen online marketplaces right now.


We couldn't Be different!

Shop & Save with us! Use promo code: BLOG and receive €15.00 off all products (minimum purchase of €100.00). Active from today until Aug 31, 2021.


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]]> 2021-08-12T11:45:56-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:38-05:00 Safety Swimming Tips For Teens - Back to School Activities basicshoe Team Swimming is a fun and generally safe sport. Follow these tips for an injury-free season...


Swimming is a fun and generally safe sport. Follow these tips for an injury-free season:

Swim Gear

Here's some basic swimming gear to think about:

  • Goggles. Swimming with leaky, uncomfortable, or foggy goggles can be tough on your eyes. Be sure to get a pair of competition or practice goggles that are comfortable and fit your face. Some swimmers like to have different goggles for practices and competitions.
  • Swimsuits. Choose a swimsuit based on what's most important to you. If you want something that will help you go faster, research brand names and see if they can back up the claims they make. If you want a suit for practice, choose something made with quality materials that will last.
  • Swim caps. Most swim caps are made from latex or silicone. As with swimsuits, choose a cap based on your needs. In general, latex caps are thinner and less expensive, and silicone caps are usually thicker, last longer, and cost more. If you'll be spending a lot of time in a warm pool, a silicone cap might keep your head too warm.
  • Ear plugs and nose clips. Some swimmers like to use these to help keep water out of their ears and noses. Ear plugs should be specifically designed for use in the water. (Noise-canceling earplugs won't make a watertight seal.) Nose clips should fit comfortably and stay in place as you swim.

Safe Swimming

To prevent injuries during practice and meets, swimmers should:

  • Get a sports physical before starting any new sport.
  • Always warm up and stretch before swimming.
  • Take time off from training if they feel shoulder, neck, or other pain. They can try a different stroke or do something else out of the pool to stay in shape. Swimmers can go back to their regular stroke after the pain is gone.
  • Wear water-resistant sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater for outdoor practices and meets. 
  • Check that the pool is deep enough before diving. 
  • Know the plan for emergencies.

To help prevent overuse injuries (also called repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs), swimmers should:

  • Build up extra swimming time or distances slowly.
  • Learn and use proper techniques.
  • Do other sports that strengthen different muscles, especially core (abdomen) muscles.


Credit to website.

]]> 2021-07-28T12:58:46-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:44-05:00 Tokyo 2020 basicshoe Team More

Swimmers compete to achieve the fastest time while covering a designated distance using a predetermined stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly). Although no specific stroke is prescribed for freestyle events, all swimmers currently use the crawl, which is the fastest stroke.

At Rio 2016, 32 men's and women's events were held in the pool, including individual and relay races. At Tokyo 2020, there will be 35 events, with the addition of three new competitions: 800m freestyle (men), 1,500m freestyle (women) and 4×100m medley relay (mixed).

The sport's International Federation FINA was formed during the London 1908 Olympic Games, when a pool was used for the first time in Olympic competition and rules were standardized.

Event Programmed

  • 50m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 100m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 200m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 400m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 800m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 1500m Freestyle (Men/Women)
  • 100m Backstroke (Men/Women)
  • 200m Backstroke (Men/Women)
  • 100m Breaststroke (Men/Women)
  • 200m Breaststroke (Men/Women)
  • 100m Butterfly (Men/Women)
  • 200m Butterfly (Men/Women)
  • 200m Individual Medley (Men/Women)
  • 400m Individual Medley (Men/Women)
  • 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay (Men/Women)
  • 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay (Men/Women)
  • 4 x 100m Medley Relay (Men/Women)
  • 4 x 100m Mixed Medley Relay

Essence of the sport

The importance of technique and tactics

The world's top male freestyle swimmers can swim 50m in about 21 seconds, generating extraordinary speed and power. In backstroke, swimmers lie on their backs and use their arms to slide across the water's surface. In butterfly, the swimmers' arms move symmetrically, accompanied by a coordinated leg kick, evoking a flying butterfly. In breaststroke, the only stroke in which swimmers move their hands forward through the water after making a stroke, the key is to produce maximum thrust and minimum drag.

Olympic athletes must hone every detail of their technique, including the diving start, the timing of kicks and turns and the angles through which they move their arms.

Elite swimmers must also pay attention to pacing as a tactic. For example, a swimmer might advance to the final round by swimming quickly during the first half of a preliminary race to establish a dominant time. In the final, that same swimmer might hold back during the first half so that he or she can put in a burst of speed later. Such tactics are an essential part of the sport's appeal.

In individual medley events, a single swimmer competes using all four strokes in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle. Since each swimmer has particular strokes in which he or she excels, swimmers' relative positions on the leaderboard sometimes change as the stroke changes. These races are thrilling and fun to watch.

Medley relays differ from individual medleys in that the following stroke order is used: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle. Teams usually include the top-performing athlete for each stroke, creating all-star match-ups. In the 4×100m medley relay (mixed) — a new event — teams consisting of two men and two women can choose who swims each stroke. Men and women may swim against each other at the same time, adding to the excitement.

In team relay events, it's important to shorten the changeover time — the time from one swimmer touching the wall to the next swimmer's legs leaving the starting platform. A poorly executed changeover can cause a team to lose their position in the race, or even to be disqualified if the outgoing swimmer sets off too early.

Outlook for the Tokyo 2020 Games

Changing styles driving new world records

Constant evolution of technique is leading to ever greater levels of performance. Seven world records were set during the finals at London 2012 and Rio 2016.

The 100m breaststroke typifies this trend. At Beijing 2008, Kosuke Kitajima (Japan) became the first person in the world to swim faster than 58 seconds. Kitajima's technique included a streamlined body position to minimise water resistance, lowering the position of his head after each breath for greater efficiency and a reduced number of strokes. This became the dominant style worldwide.

However, at Rio 2016, Adam Peaty (Great Britain) brought major change by achieving extraordinary speed through dynamic, fast-paced swimming that combined a large number of strokes with a powerful kicking movement. Peaty set a world record time of 57:13 and won the gold medal.

New techniques in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly are also emerging with each Olympic Games and driving ever faster times.

Recent years have seen more swimmers competing in multiple events. Katinka Hosszú (Hungary), for example, excels at the individual medley. At the same time, single-event specialists such as Peaty remain. This increasing division of the sport into multi-event swimmers and specialists promises to bring further innovation in the coming years.


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]]> 2021-07-22T12:41:29-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:51-05:00 Florida Bucket List: Top 50 Things To Do in the Sunshine State basicshoe Team From the ocean to the Everglades, this tropical paradise has plenty to see and do...


With beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, plenty of wildlife, fun theme parks, and fantastic food, it's no wonder that Florida is an extremely popular destination for vacationers and snowbirds alike. Whether you've been to Florida a thousand times or you're headed there for the first time, there are some classic experiences that simply shouldn't be missed on this southern peninsula. Next time you're in the Sunshine State, check out some of these fabulous experiences for a vacation you won't soon forget!

1. Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove. - Orlando, FL

2. Have some delicious crab at Bayou Bill's Crab House. - Panama City Beach, FL

3. Ride the Jungle Queen Riverboat. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4. Explore the beauty of the Sunken Gardens. - St. Petersburg, FL

5. Try your hand at deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

6. See a reenactment at the Castillo de San Marcos. - St. Augustine, FL

7. Go snorkeling at Dry Tortugas National Park. - Key West, FL

8. Touch a giant tortoise at Lowry Park Zoo. - Tampa Bay, FL

9. Watch some bad movies at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. - Orlando, FL

10. Visit Disney World. - Orlando, FL

11. Shop at the Santa Rosa Mall. - Mary Esther, FL

12. Tour Bonnet House. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

13. See the dolphins at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. - Clearwater, FL

14. Tour Kennedy Space Center. - Titusville, FL

15. See wolves up close at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. - Chipley, FL

16. See a NASCAR Race at the Daytona International Speedway. - Daytona Beach, FL

17. Solve a crime on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train. - Fort Meyers, FL

18. Discover cool sea animals at Key West Aquarium. - Key West, FL

19. See classic Packard automobiles at the Antique Car Museum. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

20. Ride an airboat through Sawgrass Recreation Park. - Weston, FL

21. Feed lemurs on Jungle Island. - Miami, FL

22. See the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. - Key West, FL

23. Try every ride at Fun Spot America. - Orlando, FL

24. Walk to the top of the Key West Lighthouse. - Key West, FL

25. Experience free falling at iFLY. - Orlando, FL

26. Tour St. Augustine Distillery Company. - St. Augustine, FL

27. Take kitesurfing lessons with Miami Kiteboarding. - Key Biscayne, FL

28. Dine in the dark at Market 17. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

29. Relax on a Starlite Majesty Cruise. - Clearwater Beach, FL

30. Walk through the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. - Miami, FL

31. Explore Wolf's Museum of Mystery. - St. Augustine, FL

32. Talk like a pirate on the Black Raven Pirate Ship. - St. Augustine, FL

34. See dolphins playing in the Gulf.

34. Discover the Harry P. Leu Gardens and museum. - Orlando, FL

35. Catch a free concert at the Daytona Beach Bandshell. - Daytona Beach, FL

36. See an Orlando Shakespeare Theater performance. - Orlando, FL

37. Test your perception of reality at the Dali Museum. - Saint Petersburg, FL

38. Ride the Hogwarts Express at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. - Orlando, FL

39. Test out your problem-solving skills with America's Escape Game. - Orlando, FL

40. Tour Flagler College. - St. Augustine, FL

41. See some awesome street art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival. - Venice, FL

42. Have dessert at The Bubble Room. - Captiva, FL

43. Go kayaking at Caladesi Island State Park. - Dunedin, FL

44. Get a great view from the Orlando Eye (now known as the Wheel). - Orlando, FL

45. Be amazed by the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba show - Orlando, FL

46. Browse through Webster's Westside Flea Market. - Webster, FL

47. See the Everglades. - Everglades National Park

48. Eat some delicious food at the Destin Seafood Festival. - Destin, FL

49. Swim with Manatees. - Crystal River, FL

50. Walk along Cocoa Beach Pier.


Credit to website.

]]> 2021-07-09T12:12:55-04:00 2022-02-24T11:59:57-05:00 20 Fun Things To Do On A Summer Night! basicshoe Team More

We love that summertime means a not-so-strict-bedtime schedule so we can get out and enjoy those long summer evenings!  Some of our favorite (and free!) summer activities for kids and families are those done at night!

We head out after dinner for a walk to the park or spend the night doing something special - it always creates some great memories. With the longer days and cooler evenings, summer is the perfect time to find some family events or activities that you can enjoy together after dark.

1. Visit a Pond or Lake in the Evening

The animals and fish are more active at night so bring a slice of bread to feed them. You're also more likely to see ducks, snakes and turtles - not to mention a beautiful sunset reflected on the water so don't forget to grab your camera before you head out! Take along a flashlight and you can also enjoy a great book about the pond on your visit!

2.  Play Glow-in-the-Dark something

Kids and teens love these glow-in-the-dark games - heck! Even adults enjoy them!). You can easily create your own with a set of glowsticks, just add to balloons or water bottles and hide them for a quick scavenger hunt.

3.  Catch Fireflies on those warm Summer nights

Some call them fireflies, others refer to them as lightning bugs, either way, hunting for fireflies is a childhood experience that every kid should try once! Grab a clear jar and sit outside on a warm evening. I'll bet you'll start to see the lights before you know it, but can the kids catch them before they dim? 

4. Enjoy an Evening at the Park

It's a whole new experience to visit a park at night or walk the trails. Maybe have a nighttime picnic under the stars or do some wildlife watching to see what animals are nocturnal (we always see bats flying around at dusk). And a big bonus: it's usually less crowded too!

5.  Host a Flashlight Storytime

Why read in bed when you can read outside on a blanket. Such a fun way to end the day!

6.  Sit Around a Campfire on Summer Evenings

A family favorite for any summer night! Great smells, s'mores and what kid doesn't love to throw in a few pinecones in and listen to them sizzle.

7.  Go on a Summer Night Hike

Everything looks different at night and your kids will love to bring along flashlights to scout out what's hiding in the shadows.

8.  Have a Summer Night Camp-out

Whether it's in your own backyard or at a local campsite, it's always fun to sleep outdoors on a summer night.

9.  See an Outdoor Play or Concert

Outdoor theater is huge in the summer months! Check with your local community theater to see if they offer any outdoor shows.  And many of the Shakespeare Festivals are held outdoors in the summer months (fun for teens who may have required reading). Outdoor summer concerts can be found to local parks, museums and shopping areas. Grab some outdoor chairs, a few snacks and head out to enjoy the music.

10.  Go Retro & Visit a Drive-In

I know they are few and far between, but Drive-in theaters do still exist! And it's an awesome experience for families to do together. Bring your favorite snacks, maybe lawn chairs if the location allows you to sit outside of the car and a blanket or two. You won't be worried that the kids will be too loud or get out of their seats, you can bring all the fun treats you like and talk about making memories!

11.  Go out for Ice Cream (in your pj's)

Ok, it doesn't have to be in your pj's but when you're younger than 8, taking a drive in your pajamas is totally cool!

12.  Summer Nights with Fireworks

I'm sure your kids live for the firework shows every summer!

13.  Dive in for a Swim

Most neighborhood and city pools are open past dusk with the lights on and some even offer summer swim-in movie nights so grab your suits after dinner and dive in for some cool fun.

14.  Enjoy Evening at a Local Attraction

Lots of attractions extend their hours during summertime! We love going to the zoo or some of our local historic sites when they offer evening programs. The animals are more active in the evening and everyone's a little cooler.

15.  View the Stars on a Summer Evening

Grab a blanket and lie down outside to see what constellations you can find! If you have a telescope, pull it out!  If your backyard is too light, head to a local park that's away from the city lights.  Or get away from the lights and see one of the summer meteor showers near you. Your kids will also enjoy building their own marshmallow constellations after spotting some of their favorites in the night sky.

16.  Visit a Planetarium

Spend the evening looking up at the stars, planets and all the amazing things in space through some huge telescopes. Many planetariums have open viewing sessions during the summer months.

17.  Play some Backyard Games

Badminton, Bocce, frisbee and Lawn Darts take on a whole new meaning in the dark.

18.  Take a Summer Night Bike Ride

I'd much rather enjoy an evening ride in the cooler weather than during the heat of the day. Just be sure to have reflectors on your bike and stay on the trails in your area.

19. Go on an Animal Hunt

All those nocturnal animals begin to come out at dusk so it's usually easy to spot a few furry neighbors. We've seen fox, deer, bunnies, bears, a wolf and have even heard the owls in our neighborhood after dusk. Great nature fun for the kids!

20.  Play Flashlight Tag

Fun for kids (and parents) of all ages plus some great exercise before bedtime too. All you need is a flashlight, a large dark area and off you go!


Credit to website.



]]> 2021-07-01T13:41:26-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:04-05:00 Best Fourth of July Celebrations in Florida basicshoe Team Here are the ideal spots to watch the fireworks in your city...


Wondering what to do this Fourth of July? Look no further, because we’ve found a bunch of great places to enjoy the 2021 holiday weekend!

*Be sure to check COVID guidelines as some events may require masks or practice additional safety measures.

Northwest Region

Southwest Region

  • Naples: Fourth of July The celebration kicks off with a parade on July 3, followed by a fireworks show on July 4th beginning at 9 p.m.
  • Fort Myers: 4th of July Fireworks The event runs all day with fireworks on July 4 beginning at 8:45 p.m. The Matanzas Pass Bridge will be closed from 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. to oncoming traffic, so you can get off the island but not on.
  • Key West: The Key Lime Festival This event runs July 1 - 5 and draws the largest crowd of key lime enthusiasts for one of Florida’s biggest foodie events. The festival concludes with a massive fireworks show over the beautiful Casa Marina Resort.

Tampa Bay Region

  • Sarasota: July 4 Fireworks The action starts at 9 p.m. from a boat docked in Sarasota Bay. Grab a spot along the waterfront for best viewing.
  • Sarasota: Boat Races Check out the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Festival from June 26 to June 28 with the Bayfront Fireworks Spectacular on July 4 at 9 p.m.
  • Tampa Bay Celebrations The site shows the best events for July 4th weekend. For Pinellas County, check out

Central Region

  • Orlando: Walt Disney World Disney World celebrates the Fourth of July on both July 3 and 4 this year at various times in its different parks. Check the link to see which one works out best for you. But beware: This holiday is traditionally one of the busiest days at the parks!
  • Altamonte Red Hot and Boom (Canceled for 2021).
  • Orlando: Fireworks at the Fountain Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer will be on hand at Lake Eola Park on July 4 for the annual Fireworks at the Fountain. Events begin at 5 p.m. with activities for children, live entertainment, and food and drinks (for purchase). The fireworks begin at 9:15 p.m.
  • Gainesville: Fanfares and Fireworks The University of Florida Bandshell is the host for live music and fireworks presented by WUFT-TV and WUFT-FM. The festivities will take place on July 3 from 6 p.m to 10 p.m.
  • Red, White & BLUES on the Plaza Bring a chair or grab a swing and extend your 4th of July celebration through the weekend and kick off festivities on July 2. Free! Centennial Plaza, 101 W. Plant St., Winter Garden, FL. Sat., July 6, 6-8 pm

Southeast Region

Northeast Region

  • Jacksonville If downtown is your preferred destination, there are a number of viewing areas to watch the fireworks. Gather in your favorite spot early and be ready for the action beginning at 5 p.m. and fireworks rounding out the night at 9:45.
  • St. Augustine St. Augustine’s Fourth of July celebration at the Castillo de San Marcos includes live music and a spectacular fireworks display over the historic bayfront.


Credit to Florida Travel Life website.

]]> 2021-06-24T12:33:44-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:10-05:00 10 Great Kayaking Spots in Florida basicshoe Team With the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, unspoiled spring runs, and long and winding tannic rivers, it’s easy to see why Florida attracts paddlers from near and far...


Kayaking spots are as plentiful as they are diverse in the Sunshine State, and no two rivers or beaches are the same. Here are 10 of the best places for kayaking in Florida:

1: Coastal dune lakes

Walton County has rare natural features found in only a few other places around the world: Coastal dune lakes, bodies of freshwater that exist alongside the ocean. The county has 15 named dune lakes, where paddlers can enjoy the diverse wildlife, placid water, and the scenery unique to those lakes. It’s the only place in Florida where you can paddle a tea-colored tannic lake surrounded by sand dunes and look over to see the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

2: The beaches of Destin

Paddle a kayak off the beaches of Destin and you’ll understand where the Emerald Coast gets its name. The clear, turquoise waters are great for wildlife-watching and spotting dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and more. One very popular kayaking and boating trip runs from Destin Harbor, bustling with restaurants, shops, and boat rental outfitters, to nearby Crab Island. Be prepared to see lots of other boats and people and be mindful of the tides.

3: Blackwater River

With white-sand beaches contrasting with dark, tannic water, the swiftly moving and visually stunning Blackwater River attracts paddlers of all kinds as well tubers in the summer months. Of the river’s 56 miles, 31 make up a designated paddling trail that begins five miles from the Alabama border in Okaloosa County and ends in the Blackwater River State Forest. Options here are many, with multiple launch points along the river (depending on the length and type of trip you’re planning).

4: Wakulla River

Kayakers on the 10-mile Wakulla River Padding Trail can expect an easy, gentle trip down a clear, spring-fed waterway filled with wildlife, including manatees, wading birds, alligators, turtles, and an abundance of fish. Guided tours are available.

5: Suwannee River Paddling Trail

Probably the most iconic Florida river adventure lies along the 171-mile Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, which starts in White Springs and ends at the Gulf of Mexico. Even those unfamiliar with the river itself might recognize the name from the beginning lyrics of Florida’s state song: “Way down upon the Swanee River, far, far away …”. And the river is far away from noise, from cities, and from the bustling attractions and amusements Florida is known for, but river camps and small downs provide overnight shelter and amenities along the way. The tannic water and quiet riverbanks are teeming with wildlife. Paddling difficulty on the Suwannee ranges from easy to very difficult, depending on what part of the river you paddle and the current water conditions.

6: Little Talbot Island State Park

The tidal creeks and salt marshes of Little Talbot Island State Park are perfect for a peaceful morning or afternoon on the water, with route options for everyone from experienced kayakers to beginners. The unspoiled barrier island is home to diverse wildlife and is an excellent place for birding. Rentals and guided eco-tours are available.

7: Weeki Wachee

The 7.4-mile spring-fed Weeki Wachee River has blue water, lots of wildlife, and a good current to do most of the paddling work for you, making it one of the top destinations for family-friendly paddling trips. The best way to kayak Weeki Wachee is to launch near the headsprings from Weeki Wachee Springs State Park’s resident outfitter, Boating in Florida, which offers rentals and shuttle services. It takes about three hours to paddle the roughly six miles from the launch to the takeout point at Rogers Park.

8: Indian River Lagoon bioluminescence

While kayaking trips typically happen in the daytime, there are some wonders that can be seen only in the dark. Naturally occurring, glowing algae make bioluminescent paddling possible, and seeing the electric blue underwater light show it creates is an experience unlike any other. Peak season is June through October, although bioluminescent paddling tours are available year-round. Besides glowing algae, the area is home to glowing comb jellies (similar to jellyfish, but they don’t sting), which can be seen November through March.

9: Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail

The 190-mile Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail is a paddler’s paradise of secluded beaches, protected estuaries, mangrove islands and tunnels, and tidal creeks. Here, your kayaking trip can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

The trail starts near Fort Myers and runs from Estero Bay (Mound Key, Bunche Beach and Hurricane Bay, Coconut Point) to Pine Island Sound (Tarpon Bay, Matlacha, Picnic Island) to the Caloosahatchee River (Hickey’s Creek, Orange River).

10: Indian Key

There are countless places to kayak in the Florida Keys, but Indian Key Historic State Park stands out for both its seclusion and relative ease of access. While the small island is accessible only by boat from Islamorada, it only takes about 20 minutes to kayak to the island, which was once was home to a shipwreck-salvaging business. Now paddlers go to sunbathe, hike, and explore the clear waters. Eagle rays, dolphins, and manatees are some of the marine animals you can find there.


Credit to website.

]]> 2021-06-09T13:26:28-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:16-05:00 21 Beach Outfits That Epitomize Summer basicshoe Team Sun, sand, and all the compliments...


Summer is officially here! Now it’s time to usher in the newfound energy of the summer season in all its glory, from warmer temperatures and longer days in the sun to swimsuitsluxury straw bags, and of course, beach outfits. 

Thankfully, today’s beach looks have evolved beyond the basic bikini and cover-up. Whether it’s a beach sarong that can double as a mini skirt when paired with a strappy sandal, or a low-back one-piece swimsuit that can be worn as a bodysuit with wide-leg pants, beach essentials have become an integral part of everyday style. This season is all about pairing your new summer fashion finds with your go-to summer capsule wardrobe pieces (think high-waisted trousers and Bottega slides). And most importantly, the best beach outfits of 2021 are meant to be fun—think bold, bright-colored accessories and dramatically oversized straw hats.

Ahead, discover the most fashionable beach outfits to get you even more excited for summer (and yes, these can be worn to the pool, too).

1. Bandeau and High-Waisted Trousers

Behold the effortlessly cool look of the summer: a bandeau bikini styled with a high-waisted, loose-fitting trouser. The best part? You can repeat this look hundreds of times with different colors, fabrics, and of course, accessories. Opt for a classic look with subtle hints of gold jewelry like a medium-sized hoop earring and dainty choker necklace. Now all you need is a designer beach towel.

2. Beach Kaftan Outfit

Just because beach dressing has evolved does not mean the classic kaftan cover-up is no longer in style, it just got the minimalist makeover. Pair the oversized kaftan with a strappy sandal, rectangular acetate sunglass, and chunky gold jewelry to complete the look.

3. Bikini and Silk Bandana Beach Fashion

Perhaps our favorite styling piece for the summer is the silk bandana. It’s the ultimate versatile piece, from wearing it as a neck scarf or hair tie to a skirt or top; the silk bandana can be transformed into many different pieces. Our expert advice? Indulge in fun, bright prints and style with a basic black swimsuit.

4. Knit Cover-Up and One-Piece

Summer knits made quite the splash last summer, and they are certainly not going anywhere this year. Embrace the trend by wearing a knit swimsuit under a knit dress and compliment the texture.

5. Striped Sweater and High-Waisted Denim Shorts

This outfit will forever be a class beach look, especially when the weather errs on the cooler side. Update the striped sweater and denim cut-offs look by layering them over one-piece swimsuit and a sleek, leather tote bag.

6. Summer Whites Beach Outfit

There’s nothing quite as fresh as wearing white linens on a warm day at the beach. Keep the button-down and shorts slightly oversized for a loose and breezy vibe. Complete the outfit with contrasting dark accessories.

7. Matching Skirt Set Beach Outfit

If there’s anything 2020 proved, it’s that we love a matching set, whether loungewear or beachwear. Dress up your beach outfit with a matching tie-front top and tiered maxi skirt to wear down to the ocean and to dinner. Opt for a classic timepiece that both elevates the outfit while keeping it seemingly casual.

8. Printed Short-Sleeve Top and Bikini

The oversized, wide short-sleeve top will continue to be the hero shirt silhouette of the season this year, and we are obsessed. Drape this shirt over a classic triangle string bikini and style with stackable rings for a modern beach outfit.

9. Beach Suit

Yes, you can wear a suit to the beach. But, what exactly constitutes a beach suit? Rather than sophisticated menswear-inspired tailoring, beach suits are loose-fitting, often made in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, and are best in neutral colorways. Pair your beach suit with a cropped bikini (that can double as a bra top).

10. Crochet Top and Bermuda Shorts

We’re calling it now: Bermuda shorts will be the short of summer. The ease and relaxed fit make these shorts ideal for the beach. Style them with a crocheted crop top to balance the proportion of the long-line hem, and polish off the look with a belt and sleek slide sandal.

11. Multi-Purpose Swim Top and Sarong

If we could describe Miami style in one look, it would be this outfit. There is truly no better time to embrace color and pattern than a day at the beach. Invest in bikinis this summer that can double as a top to be worn with a sarong.

12. Open-Back One-Piece Swimsuit and Skirt

Mark our words: The open-back one-piece swimsuit will never go out of style; it’s a dynamic design that instantly elevates any look. Wear it to the beach styled with a maxi skirt, classic straw beach hat, and macrame tote bag for the ultimate summer feel.

13. Beach Mini Dress

The beach isn’t just for swimsuits; it’s also the perfect setting to show off your new summer mini dress. Going to a seaside picnic? This is the perfect outfit for hanging out on the sand until the sun goes down.

14. Bikini, High-Waisted Shorts, and Sun Hat

Another one of our favorite beach outfit ideas? The high-waisted boxer-inspired short paired with a vintage bra-top bikini. Keep it simple by styling with a trendy beach hat (that also protects you from harmful UV rays) and a sun-catching tennis bracelet.

15. Cut-Out Beach Dress

Another extremely popular trend this year has proven to be cut-outs. Perhaps it’s because of the massive shift toward above-the-keyboard dressing, but cut-outs are continuing to have a major moment. Style the beach-ready trend with other summer essentials like a flip flop, a beaded necklace, and a gold statement ring.

16. Button-Down Shirt and String Bikini

Consider this look your beach uniform (the proportions are everything). The classic oversized shirt paired with an XL, oversized tote bag, and a string bikini underneath is an effortless yet incredibly chic beach look that can indeed be worn more than once.

17. Bold Bikini and Printed Silk Pants

There is such ease that comes with wearing a flowy silk trouser with a bikini top, and that’s because the combination never fails—10/10 times it looks flawless. Expert advice: opt for mood-boosting colors, like a bold yellow triangle top, to make the look pop on the sand and in photos. And when it comes to accessorizing? Go equally as bold to create the ultimate beachy vibe.

18. All Black Everything

New Yorkers, this look is for you. From its monochromatic color palette to the pairing of a bandeau bikini top with a cardigan and wrap skirt, this is the ultimate Manhattan girl beach look. Complete the outfit with your go-to sunglasses, and you’ve officially mastered New York minimalist beach style.

19. Floral Blouse and Bikini Bottoms

For a more boho feel, try deeming a floral blouse the hero piece of your beach outfit. Style it with a simple bikini and beach-ready accessories like a structured straw hat and a basket bag with chic, leather detailing. And, if the beach isn’t your only stop that day, make sure to throw a pair of light-wash jeans into your bag.

20. Bikini and Bucket Hat

Bikinis and bucket hats have become the off-duty summer uniform for models over the last several summers. Keep your bikini and bucket hat within the same color family for a fresh look.

21. One-Piece and High-Waisted Denim Shorts

Another evergreen beach outfit that you most likely already own: a one-piece and high-waisted denim shorts. But this season, the look is getting a major makeover by way of accessories. Opt for leather slide sandals and a dainty anklet to make the outfit feel fresh, modern, and playful.
Credit to EDITORIALIST website.
]]> 2021-05-31T13:30:00-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:27-05:00 30 Summery Activities To Do In June basicshoe Team More

Summer begins in June and it’s no exaggeration to say we are way past excited! We can’t wait to take advantage of all the activities that are available to do during this season.

Looking for things to do in June? Below are 30 activities to help inspire you to jump into summer!


  • Visit a pool – Spending time at the outdoor pool is the best way to recover from a long winter, don’t forget the sunscreen!  
  • Take a trip to an ice cream parlor – Is there anything better than a cool treat on a hot day? 
  • Enjoy cold brew tea – It is easy to make and the perfect drink for a summer evening. Take a container (a glass mason jar with a lid works great) and add either a few spoons of loose leaf tea or five teabags of your favorite tea. Fill the container with water, put on a lid and leave it overnight or somewhere around eight to twelve hours. When it’s done all you have to do is remove the tea bags or strain the tea leaves to enjoy a tasty refreshing beverage. Adjust the amount of tea you add to suit your taste and feel free to jazz it up with your favorite simple sugar or some lemon juice!
  • Bust out your flip-flops – Summer is no time to be stuck in sneakers, pull out your favorite flip-flops or sandals and rock them! 
  • Go strawberry picking – Later this month and into the next are the best times to go get a basket of this amazing fruit. Not only is this a fun activity but strawberries are good for you, there are many purported benefits of eating strawberries from improving your immune system to lowering your blood pressure. Packed with so many good things for your body, strawberries are also a contender for the tastiest summer fruit!
  • Make a Father’s Day craft – With Father’s Day later this month a sweet and fun activity you (and your kids) can do is make a present. It is a personal way to show affection and gives you the perfect excuse to be crafty.
  • Go outside and jump rope – If you want to get in a good workout and feel like a kid again, head outside and jump rope. Jump-roping is easy on your wallet and improves your coordination while getting in your cardio.
  • Paint with watercolors – Painting is such a fun way to explore your creativity and choosing watercolors is a great way to do that, especially, if it is a family activity. They’re also convenient to take with you to the lakeside or a park to be surrounded by beautiful inspiration.
  • Do some gardening – Besides the awesome reward of growing fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers; benefits may include reducing stress, better sleep, and a good workout!
  • Eat cucumbers – This tasty vegetable is in season, paired with your favorite dip or added to a sandwich or salad. This vegetable is high in nutrients, has a crisp taste and is a wonderful addition to a summer menu.
  • Go play miniature golf – Not only is this a fun family activity, mini-golf helps teach you coordination, gets you outside and can be an easy cardio workout.  
  • Listen to jazz music – It’s so compatible to a summer evening. Go ahead and pour a glass of wine, open the windows, put on some jazz and slow down.  
  • Paint a room – A good coat of paint can change your perspective, a perfect way to spruce up a room is to take a day and paint it another color or a fresh white.
  • Make your own frozen fruit ice pops – There are so many different ways to make this tasty treat  and it’s sure to be a hit on a hot day!
  • Barbecue – This is one of our favorite things about summer. So many vegetables taste amazing cooked on a barbecue.
  • Try lawn bowling – This is a fun activity you can do with your family or group of friends in your backyard or local park!
  • Celebrate Father’s Day – June 20th is Father’s Day and I hope you’re able to celebrate it with your loved ones!
  • Play tennis – If you like cute outfits, being outside, and playing a sport that doubles as a good workout than tennis is for you! So many clubs and local parks have tennis courts and it’s a great way to get outside and have fun.
  • Throw an indoor dance party – This one a great activity with kids. With a great playlist playing fun music, some snacks, and a teddy bear DJ you can throw an awesome dance party.
  • Make a bird feeder – This is a wonderful and simple craft that’s great for attracting a variety of beautiful birds to your neighborhood.
  • Take a road trip –  Road trips are all about the drive and it is a great way to explore a larger area and discover new food, attractions, and unique locations. Finding a scenic route will be all the more rewarding!
  • Visit a classic arcade – Air hockey, pinball and so much more, we love the nostalgia and fun social energy of classic arcades. A wonderful idea of an afternoon adventure.  
  • Go see a drive-in movie – A wonderful throwback activity that is awesome during the summer! If you still have a drive-in theater near you, check it out.
  • Sunbathe – Sunshine seems to be what everybody needs! Make sure you have your sunscreen!
  • Go for a picnic – A basket and some snacks, sodas, and sandwiches are all it takes, you can elaborate it with a charcuterie or keep it lowkey, the fun part is eating outside.
  • Find a swing – This standard structure at parks all over the world is such an accessible summer joy and enjoyable no matter how old you are!  
  • Create amazing chalk art – This activity is great for kids of all ages and adults too. Drawing with chalk is terrific for outdoor play and a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild.
  • Have a water gun fight – Perhaps the greatest of all summer activities, it is ridiculously carefree and thrilling to gather your family or friends together and shoot them with water!   
  • Make your own cucumber water – Is there anything better than an ice cold glass of water on a hot day? Yes, there is, water with cucumbers in it! You might also enjoy mint and strawberry infused water.
  • Go to a baseball game – This iconic sport is a perfect summer activity, don’t forget to get a hotdog and try to catch a pop fly!

    Credit to Best Of This Life website.


    ]]> 2021-05-31T13:25:23-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:22-05:00 21 Memorial Day Activities to Remind the Whole Family What the Holiday Is Really About basicshoe Team Find the most thoughtful ways to honor America's fallen soldiers...


    Although many of us look forward to Memorial Day weekend for the epic sales, backyard barbecues and boozy summer cocktails, let's not forget what the holiday is really about: honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Set a plan in place to make sure that your day off incorporates a range of Memorial Day activities that force you and your family to pause, reflect and donate to related causes. Not only is it an opportunity to teach kids facts about the significance of Memorial Day and how it differs from Veteran's Day, but it's also a way for adults to take a step back, count their blessings and brush up on America's history.

    Here, you'll find a list of the best things to do on Memorial Day, some fun virtual activities can be enjoyed right at home, while others may take you and your family to nearby cemeteries and donation centers. Once you load up your weekend schedule with enough activities to keep everyone busy, sign up for future volunteer opportunities or donations as a way to consistently commemorate all of those who've given so much.

    1 - Shop at a veteran-owned business.

    If you're planning on eating out or shopping on Memorial Day, consider visiting businesses owned and operated by veterans or military families.

    2 - Learn how to play a patriotic song.

    Dust off your guitar and take time to learn how to play a special song fit for the occasion, such as Lee Greenwood's classic, "God Bless the FRA." Then when everyone gathers 'round for your Memorial Day picnic, you can impress them with your skills.

    3 - Take a virtual tour of the White House.

    Even if you're not able to travel to the nation's capital this year, you can take a tour of the White House from the comfort of your living room. Head to Google Arts & Culture for a virtual tour of the historic home, complete with facts about its architecture and important events that took place in each room.

    4 - Listen to veterans' stories.

    Even if you don't know a veteran personally (FWIW, you probably do), listen to a range of stories from active military members and veterans through Storycorps oral history. Or if you'd rather read your way through history, choose from top military memoirs like Band of BrothersGuts 'n Gunships or The Things They Cannot Say.

    5 - Craft your own Memorial Day poppy.

    Come Memorial Day, red poppies are worn as a sign of remembrance. In fact, the Friday before Memorial Day is considered National Poppy Day. While you can buy poppy pins at the store, you can also make your own with tissue paper by following this simple step-by-step tutorial.

    6 - Donate to related causes.

    If you've already filled your three-day weekend with kid-friendly activities, save extra time (and money!) to research trusted military organizations and nonprofits that need donations. Choose a cause that's most relevant or important to you, wounded soldiers, grieving families, veterans with PTSD and so on, and give whatever you can.

    7 - Brush up on American history.

    If there was a time to do it, it's now. Before diving into your family's Memorial Day activities, refresh your own memory about the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day and how it differs from Veteran's Day.

    8 - Write letters to soldiers and their families.

    To your kids, Memorial Day may just be another day off from school. To remind them that it is much more than that, have them write handwritten notes to active American soldiers and veterans. Once your letters are complete, bring them to any A Million Thanks drop-off locations to guarantee a safe, speedy arrival.

    9 - Clip coupons.

    You know all of those coupons that come tucked inside your Sunday paper? Clip 'em even if they're expired, and mail them to a military base associated with the Overseas Coupon Program. Current soldiers can use coupons up to six months after their expiration date at military commissaries, allowing them to save money to support their families.

    10 - Put together care packages for soldiers.

    Even though Operation Gratitude encourages people to get join their efforts year-round, they host several events during the Memorial Day weekend. There are many ways to get involved: Convince your kids to donate their Beanie Babies to kids in combat zones, sew special ties to keep troops cool during the hot summer months or a host a neighborhood drive to collect toiletries for soldiers.

    11 - Create patriotic chalk art.

    Gather the kids in your neighborhood and create a patriotic-inspired mural or just write out a simple thank you to local veterans, using sidewalk chalk.

    12 - Fly a flag.

    Show your love for America by hanging Old Glory in your front yard. But before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you're following the proper etiquette and guidelines in the FR Flag Code established by Congress in 1942.

    13 - Take a moment of silence.

    No matter where you live, take a moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time for The National Moment of Remembrance. For at least one minute, send your thanks, love and prayers to active soldiers, veterans, and the many men and women who died serving our country.

    14 - Attend a Memorial Day parade.

    Get the full-fledged holiday experience by cheering on your town's marching band, veterans, and local organizations at the nearest parade. Check your newspaper to find the parade closest to you.

    15 - Watch a patriotic movie.

    If you're still trying to wrap your head around the sacrifices that these brave men and women continue to make, consider watching a movie like Black Hawk Down or The Hurt Locker to get the full picture.

    16 - Donate flowers for soldiers' graves.

    Even if your weekend is full of family fun, make sure you still pay your respects to the fallen troops with a donation to Memorial Day Flowers, a national foundation that places a flower on the graves of soldiers. A small donation of $5, for example, honors five soldiers with a red rose in front of their headstone.

    17 - Deliver dessert to a local family.

    If you're planning to make a dessert for your family, make double. Because the sweetest way to show your thanks is to drop off a homemade treat pie, cake, you name it, at the home of a fallen soldier.

    18 - Call a soldier's spouse or parents.

    For many, Memorial Day is a day full of emotion, heartbreak and tears. With a simple phone call, you can offer your gratitude and well wishes to the loved ones of a soldier in your community.

    19 - DIY red, white and blue décor.

    We could all use a little more patriotism, especially on Memorial Day. Get your kids involved in making these easy-to-DIY decorations, and then remember to hold onto them for your Fourth of July festivities.

    20 - Visit your local cemetery.

    Just because you don't live close to near the Arlington National Cemetery doesn't mean you should nix a Memorial Day cemetery visit altogether. Volunteer to dress graves at a local or military cemetery with flowers and flags. Or simply swing by to pay your respects to our country's heroes.

    21 - Post a heartfelt tribute on social media.

    Whether you're remembering a loved one or want to shed light on the importance of the holiday, post a tribute to our fallen heroes using quotes for the perfect Instagram caption.


    Credit to Good Housekeeping website.

    ]]> 2021-05-14T12:24:20-04:00 2022-02-24T12:00:33-05:00 10 Best Fun Activities & Stuff To Do In Florida basicshoe Team Clear skies and sunny beaches welcome you to Florida, your next relaxation destination. Florida may be on the top of the list of family vacation spots just because of Disney World but we don’t need to tell you that...


    From amazing tourist sights & attractions to equally captivating lush landscapes, sandy shores, and awe-inducing natural wonders, this state has something to offer for every type of traveler. Check out our list and plan out the itinerary of a lifetime!

    1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Orlando

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Orlando

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is yours to explore. The Harry Potter-themed attraction is housed in Universal Orlando Resort where you’ll find more fantasies brought to life.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Almost everyone who knows Harry Potter wished they would receive their letters once they turned eleven. No need for invitations, you can come to see Hogwarts in person in this beautiful attraction in Florida.

    What To Do

    Shop at Diagon Alley and get your very own magic wand and find out if you’re a witch after all. Stroll through Hogsmeade and sip some delicious Butterbeer while on your way to the Hogwarts express. Maybe then you’ll momentarily forget your muggle life.

    2. Wynwood Walls - Miami

    Wynwood Walls - Miami

    The Wynwood Walls is a public green space where international street art is showcased. Famous graffiti artists, as well as artists who love street art, are invited every year to be featured on the museum of walls.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Witness the best of the best of street art in this international art exhibition. Enjoy the golden opportunity to witness the thought-provoking street art and pieces, a hidden gem that you should check out when you’re thinking up places to see in Florida.

    What To Do

    The beautiful paintings would make memorable photos. With over 40 pieces carefully curated, find out how the leading artists express themselves with the different murals and pieces.

    3. Dry Tortugas National Park - Homestead

    Dry Tortugas National Park - Homestead

    The national monument has seven gardens on the property referred to as the Dry Tortugas, and its open waters surround the magnificent Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Those who love the sea won’t miss land when they explore the Dry Tortugas’ underwater natural wonders and coral.

    What To Do

    You will marvel at the coral reefs when you see them up close while diving. This national park is almost all water so you can expect a lot of swimming with the lively fish.

    4. The Salvador Dali Museum - St. Petersburg

    The Salvador Dali Museum - St. Petersburg

    In its 10th year as the art hub of the Tampa Bay area, the Salvador Dali Museum celebrates Dali’s life and his works. Continuing to influence modern surrealistic inspirations.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Dali wasn’t famous for nothing. Everyone knows of the famous soggy clocks that sported his surrealistic style. Dali’s paintings are as beautiful as they are interesting and peculiar.

    What To Do

    Plan your next event and invite Salvador Dali through his paintings by renting the venue. Get lost in his intriguing art style and watch the time melt on your quick visit to his museum.

    5. Fun Spot America - Kissimmee

    Fun Spot America - Kissimmee

    Fun Spot America is a popular chain of theme parks all over the country and is our top recommendation for those wondering where to go in Florida.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Home to the only wooden roller coaster across the state, the classic thrill of adrenaline will give you an all-day high in one of the most exciting places to visit in Florida. Filled with so much to do, enjoy the exhilarating highs and exciting lows of this enthralling destination.

    What To Do

    Conquer your fear of heights on the Sky-Coaster and bring your friends along to see the Florida skyline. There’s a ride for everyone and for all ages, so you’re guaranteed to have a blast!

    6. Clearwater Beach - Clearwater

    Clearwater Beach - Clearwater

    Painted sunsets and never-ending fine sand make Clearwater Beach one of the best places to visit in Florida.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    The world-famous Clearwater Beach hosts year-round activities. So when you’re planning what to do in Florida even when it’s not beach season, Clearwater will not disappoint.

    What To Do

    Meet the most famous dolphin in the World, Winter in the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Spend your day in the sun and your night in Clearwater’s many music festivals.

    7. South Beach - Miami Beach

    South Beach - Miami Beach

    The South Beach area is part of Miami Beach patronized by celebrities initially. South Beach made its name known for its picturesque shoreline and an active nightlife.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Florida is home to a plethora of amazing beaches but South Beach is easily one of the most amazing sandy shores to go to in the entire state. Party on the seaside just like in the movies with South Beach’s active nightclubs.

    What To Do

    Show off to people at home how good you look with a good tan. Lose yourself choosing from South Beach’s fine dining restaurants on the beach and high-end clubs.

    8. Fort Lauderdale Beach - Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale Beach - Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale Beach’s miles of glittering sands is one for the books. Pick a spot and relax with the chilling vibe of this beach.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    Fort Lauderdale is one of Florida’s famous sights and is known globally for entertainment value. This beach has almost all the coastline activities you would ever think of doing.

    What To Do

    Go below and dive right into the many activities offered. Boating, surfing, diving, or if you prefer to stay dry you can go rollerblading, sunbathing, or classic beach volleyball. This beach has got all bases covered!

    9. Sunshine Skyway Bridge - St. Petersburg

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge - St. Petersburg

    The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a marvel of its own. Created to replace an old bridge, it made a name for itself.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    On your way to your next Florida destination? Spice up your drive with enthralling scenery by going on the enormous Sunshine Bridge.

    What To Do

    Roll down your windows and smell the ocean breeze while speeding through the wide lanes. The fishing spots near the bridge provide a stunning view where you can take photos for postcards you might send.

    10. The Ringling - Sarasota

    The Ringling - Sarasota

    The Ringling exists because of the Ringling Brothers as an art gallery and serving the public high-quality art education.

    Why You’ll Enjoy This Activity

    The grounds alone is a sight to marvel at with the stunning Italian inspirations of the décor. If you love classic art and statues, be sure to stop by the Ringling.

    What To Do

    Aspiring artists will be part of the exhibits as well as the diverse collection of the art library preserved from the time of the Ringling's. This is a must-see tourist spot for the art savvy.


    Credit to Family Destinations Guide website.