When 90+ degree heat and high levels of humidity combine forces to create an extra-hellish stretch of summer where everything feels swampy, there's no better relief than a day trip to the beach. And if you're within driving/hiking/mass-transit distance of a stretch of sea and sand, here's a major pro tip: Keep a pre-packed beach bag at the ready, so you can grab it and head out the door without scrambling to find some sunscreen. Here's our guide on how to pack to ensure every weekend beach trip is just what it should be:

1. A Haul-All Tote Bag
Get a big bag and toss all your stuff in it. The extra-large Lands' End canvas tote has multiple interior pockets, plus one outer one, and is made from no-fuss canvas. If it gets wet or dirty, no big deal. To maximize your bag's space, roll your towel instead of folding it, use one pocket for small things like sunglasses and sunscreen, and the other for magazines and books. Then you still have more room in the bottom for other stuff—like everything below.

2. Cheap Sunglasses
Pity the fool who brings their $200+ designer sunglasses to the beach. When they are inevitably lost or ruined, you only have yourself to blame. This is why you should bring a pair of fun, affordable sunglasses that are good-looking enough to be seen in proudly in public, but cheap enough not to cry over once they wash out to sea.

3. A Top-Notch Beach Towel
If sunglasses are a place to save, your towel is where you should splurge—and hard. It's the one item that will upgrade your entire beach haul.

4. Low-Key Sandals (That You Can Also Wear Off the Beach)
Boat shoes are dead, and while flip-flops are fine, they're not going to win you any style points. The stylish off-duty footwear of choice right now is the minimalist, effortless slide sandal. Pack a pair in your beach bag so that you can avoid that painful hot-sand dance on your way out to the water's edge, and also so you'll have something stylish to wear should you go out after your day baking in the sun.

5. The Best Swim Trunks (for Your Body Type, of Course)
Choose your subtle yet distinctive swim shorts that can be worn in the water and out to eat afterward.

Credit to the GQ website.

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